Kurokami: The Animation



Synopsis: [Inhale] Thousands of years ago a group of mystical beings called the “Tera Guardians” and Humankind sealed away an evil god called the Masagami. As punishment, the god placed a curse on Humans called the Doppeliner System, which causes a person to die if he/she meets their doppleganger. The god also cursed the Terra Guardians by reincarnating a portion of itself in their royal bloodline, causing them to kill one member every generation. In order to stop all this and protect his sister from execution, Prince Renshin sets out to revive the god and finally kill it. This sets up the whole plot, and would have made a fuck ton more sense if it was explained right away instead of diddling itself for twelve episodes [exhale].

Pros: There’s something in this show. There’s a slight sliver of potential for something greater, but it never quiet reached it. For example, Keita was reluctant to join Kuro early on because it was dangerous, which is something not many protagonists do. I really found the Doppeliner System very intriguing, and a whole show could have been made around the idea that meeting your doppleganger causes your death. That’s why I found the few episodes of season 2 (ep.13-16) the most interesting. In fact, season 2, or the second half, of the show was far in a way better than season 1. There’s a time skip, friends became enemies, enemies became friends, twists occur, and the motivating factors for the plot were revealed. Kuro became a much more capable fighter in season 2, and the show as a whole seemed to have more energy. The credits even did this cool thing where it would update depending on who was the antagonist was at the time. It didn’t need to do that, but it did. There’s a fight in every episode, which can get a bit repetitive, and some characters aren’t full fleshed out, but the relationship that eventually develops between Kura and Keita hold it together.

Cons: The first half was bad, largely because Kuro and Keita didn’t contribute much in the final fight, and the Tera Guardians were boring. I could care less about the whole “Pure Land” story, which is sadly the main plot. I even willing to give it a pass in season 2, when the Terra Guardians were relegated to leftover antagonists after the defeat of Renshin in season 1. On that note, let’s talk about Renshin. In the show, he’s revealed to be a dark hero, someone who did evil things for a noble reason. Except, it didn’t make any sense why he kept his motivations secret or vague. Why didn’t he ever say “Hey Kuro, the clan was going to kill you because you’re the reincarnation of an evil god, but I talked to mom, and we decided that I’m going fight the evil god myself and free us and humanity from our curse fate. So to summarize: I’m good, clan’s evil, let’s have ramen.” Renshin’s motives were kept secretive for superficial dramatic purposes only, which is why it felt forced and nonsensical. I did, however, like his dumb rock song that played during his fights. Other than that, I felt that Kuro got beat up way too much in season 1, its kinda too violent in places, the the supporting characters were underwritten, and that the entire thing felt rushed. Since this is based on a manga, it’s safe to assume that the writers tried to pack in as much as they could in 23 episodes, which is why I think season 1 is generally lacking.

Watch it?: The second half is genuinely better (3/5)

MVP: Riona Kagure


She should have had at least one episode to herself.

Best Episode: Ep. 13 “New World” (Time Skip!)

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2 thoughts on “Kurokami: The Animation

  1. I very much enjoyed this show, but I suppose that I was watching it for the fights more than anything else. Though, I thought that Kuro was a very fun character.

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