100 Followers: Let’s Break Kayfabe


Hello! This is GentlemanOtoku, and I’m super exited to reveal that the blog has achieved 100 follower! Yes, I understand that some people just follow to be cool and don’t read the articles, but whatever! A W is a W no matter how you get it. For this special post, I’ll finally explain what the exact deal is with my posting layout and review system. Trust me, I’m as exited to find out as you are.

*I pick anime at random. I have a whole backlog of shows I started gathering when I started the blog. I’m also on constant look out for new and interesting anime. I like reviewing a mix of genres, but comedies are my favorite. I try to stay away from super popular or long anime (because who has the time?), so things like Naruto and Pokemon are safe from my wrath! (who am I kidding, I love then both!)

Type: This is supposed to be a one word or phrase summary of the anime. Sometimes, if the anime is well known by two titles, like in Japanese or English, I’ll use one of those. Other times, I like to make boob jokes.


This is the image. I like keep it medium in size. I also try to include as many characters as I can.

Synopsis: This was actually inspired by the Anime News Network’s “Plot Summaries.” I always found it funny that the Plot Summary never explained the plot, just the premise. As you can tell by watching anime, the premise often has very little to do with the plot. The premise could be about a war between alien empires, but the plot is probably about two aliens going to high school and having a crush on the same boy. So this section was intended to explain what actually happened in the anime, originally in a frat boy/douchey kinda voice. However, as the blog went one, the section pretty much became a joke paragraph. I usually write the first thing that comes to mind, so every synopsis on this site is raw and uncut. Yep, nothin’ but correctly spelled comedy gold here. HA, HA, ha, ha, ha….

Pros: This section tries to explain what I liked about the anime. The positives. Most of the time, I’ll say something like the animation was good, or the jokes were funny. It’s honestly harder to write about good things than bad things. So most of the time, this sections is a lot more general. Sometimes, I try to add the actual plot summary here.  I’d wager that one average, this section is probably smaller than the cons section. In the past, specifically the first post (Tenchi Muyo), the tried to discuss both positives and negatives in the same section. But I separated the two because it would be easier to read that way.

Cons: This section tries to explain what I didn’t like about the anime. As you can guess, this section is a lot easier to write because I can get more specific with my personal objections. A lot of times, I try to stop myself from being overly negative. With the exception of two or three anime, I really don’t have a major problem with “bad anime.” As long as they don’t have things like rape, incest, lolicons, or excessive fan service, then I’m good. Even convoluted plots are OK in my book. I should also mention that by “excessive fan service,” I mean fan service without a point. Like all comedy, there’s an art to fan service: the classic unlocked shower door, the suggestive fall over, the flirty character. These are good. The overuse of panty shots? Not so much. I try to be objective with the cons, but I also like to rant a little if something bugs me personally.

Watch it?: Originally, I didn’t like having a ranked review scale, because I felt that taste was subjective, so what I like may not be what you like. Then I realized that the title “reviews of the busy Gentleman (and Lady)” wasn’t really true without one. So I added a 1-5 system (because 1-10 is crazy). You may  notice that I don’t rate movies. This is because I haven’t seen as many anime movies as I have anime series, so I’m not really one to judge.

MVP: Most Valuable Player.


The character that I think outshines or proved vital to the story. They can also be a personal favorite, as most people do.

Best Episode: A lot of anime tend to have at least 1 great episode. It’s usually the pilot, which gets the most money. Here’s my candidate for a series best effort. Sometimes its a whole arc. If the anime is particularly shot, its the whole series. If it’s a movie, then its the best scene.

Aaaaaand that’s how the magic happens. Next centennial we hit, I’ll reveal my secret love/hate/love obsession with Shojo anime.




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4 thoughts on “100 Followers: Let’s Break Kayfabe

  1. Artemis says:

    Congratulations! I for one do read all your articles (well, all those that concern anime titles I’ve either watched or am personally curious about, which is probably the majority of them), so I can say with all confidence that your reaching 100 followers is well-deserved. Nice work!

  2. Congratulations on one hundred followers! Your short reviews are some of the best on WordPress, and I like your sense of humor.

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