Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

Type: It was made by Madhouse, so it counts


Synopsis: A surprisingly handsome looking Punisher teams up with Black Widow with her 70’s hair to bring down a secret organization making super soldiers. They fight twice, the they bond a little, then the Avengers show up for no reason. It’s not Winter Soldier, but it’ll do.

Pros: So I love when Western properties get the anime treatment, mostly because I can understand the references. Lucky for all you comic nerds, this thing does have the occasional easter egg, including an appearance from Amadeus Cho, Marvel’s 7th smartest man (who rides the Hulk FYI). The team-up of the Punisher and Black Widow worked surprisingly well, especially since I was wary at the start. The Punisher particularly shines in this, as does his English voice actor (though, since he only spoke in short straight forward lines, it wasn’t that hard). This may be my favorite non-comic interpretation of the Punisher, and I wish he could have gotten his own series out of this. The Black Widow on the other hand is, fine. She fights well and her interactions with Amadeus was funny, but her love subplot was middle of the road. Still, pretty fun straight-to-video movie.

Cons: Obviously, they tacked on the “Avengers” part to sell more copies. Because even though it technically has Avengers in it, this is a Black Widow/Punisher story. Selling it as something otherwise felt a bit incredulous. As stated above, the Black Widow story felt uneven, and I don’t feel she got as good a portrayal as the Punisher. It wasn’t bad or anything, but it wasn’t great either. If this movie is part of the “MCU” it may take place after the entire franchise is over (which would explain why Captain America doesn’t show up).

Watch it?: Pretty Good overall.

MVP: Frank Castle, The Punisher


I love his design here

Best Moment: When a criminal refused to talk, so the Punisher broke his arm and said, “You mouth seems to be working.” (classic)


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