Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Type: I like her new hair cut better


Synopsis: 500 years ago, Umbran Witches and Lumen Sages battled over the…ugh, lets not do this. Here’s what you need to know. This is Bayonetta. Its a video game franchise about a tall and shapely bullet witch who looks kinda like a sexy librarian. She has an English-accent and talks in seductive innuendos. She fights creepy looking angels with her magic hair that doubles as her clothing, and she sometimes hands out with Joe Pescie. It’s all very tongue and cheek, and the anime gets like, 80% of that.

Pros: Fans of the video game may either really like this anime, or hate it. It depends on how hardcore you are to consistency in interpretation. The anime kinda only shows the highlights of the first game, but it does it do it. The film was clearly made by people who touched the source material. It’s not a scene by scene retelling, but its still fun to see Bayo fight angels with all her weapons and “heel boy” sexy talk. There are also the occasional references to other Bayo-related games (ex: the names Sylvia, Clair, Trish, and Ami are mentioned). Its not quite as crazy as the game, but its a nice addition.

Cons: The music. I’m normally not a stickler for that sort of thing, but the music in the film was disappointing. Almost non of the score was able to capture the campy fun of the game. I can only guess that the original music was tied up in legal rights mumbo-jumble and couldn’t be used here. It should stated again that this is a adaption, not a translation, so a few things are off. The pacing especially felt awkward, because the film tried to cram an 8 hour experience in 2. It’s also not as over-the-top in its fan service as the game…so sorry pervs? And for non-game players, the story will not impress you, because even in the game, the story not the strong point.

Watch it?: As a Bayo fan, I liked it.

MVP: The English Cast


They’re the same voices from the game!!

Best Moment: Bayo in a nightie (I think she looked nice).

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