So Its Come To This…Top 10 Favorite Anime [3 Year Anniversary]


Yep. Three years in and the first Top 10 list shows up. Pretty soon, the whole site will be nothing but personal rants and misspelling…This year, Top 10 Favorite Anime, A.K.A. My favorites are better than your. Just kidding. (I’m not kidding).

This list is not in any order.

Yamada’s First Time


When I was thinking of making this list, Yamada’s First Time was the first anime that came up. Like a lot of anime on my list, Yamada’s First Time had a unique gimmick that hooked me in. In this case, it was the show’s focus on sex. Specifically, the mental process of losing one’s virginity. The protagonist, Yamada, wants to lose her V-Card, but has a mental block. So in typical anime style, she chooses the first mildly nice guy she meet and tries her best to initiate a romantic encounter, despite her own nervousness, and she eventually finds herself in a relationship. It’s funny, naughty, and more honest towards sex than most anime.

 Tenchi Muyo Ryo-ohki


I have a soft spot for the Tenchi Muyo franchise. Yes, the story is a mess. Yes, on its best day, it’s just a harem anime with weird alien incest stuff. But dammit, I can’t help liking it. It was the very first review on this site for a reason. Well, the real reason was because it was the first anime I saw online, but still. Plus, Ryoko is pretty awesome.

Arakawa Under The Bridge 


Ah Arakawa, you are a weird one. The anime is about a young executive who ends up being engaged to a weird girl who lives in a hobo town under a bridge. Now named “Recruit,” the guy has to live in a new community where his anal, buttoned down personality makes him the weirdest persona around. Other sterling citizens included the Kappa mayor, male nun, murderous hair dresser, and yakuza bird man. Man, I wish, wish, wish this was dubbed.

School Rumble


Now this is getting old school. School Rumble was the anime that started me down this moe filled path. It was recommended to me by a friend. It has a mix of awesome humor, cute romance (it is a romantic comedy), and incredible English dub. The second season also ramps up the parody episodes, almost to a meta level. Its my personal standard bearer for all romantic comedies. Out of all the characters, I of course loved Harima the best. But I still think he should have ended up with Yakumo. Just sayin’.

Abenobashi Shopping Arcade


Abenobashi is the only anime I own physically. I saw it on the old G4 anime block, and was amazed. I consider it the first anime that I recognized as “anime.” The mix of animation styles and genre exploration raised the bar high right off the bat. Even though the premise is about two kids falling through different dimensions, its really about a boy having to deal with growing up. Though I’m still not crazy about the ending.

Dragon Ball Z


Kinda obvious. I grew up in the 90s, and they shot lasers and karate fight.

Gurren Laggan


OK, so this is the first anime I bought digitally. I actually bought it for no real reason. I was going though Itunes and just stumbled across it. Little did I know I had come across one of the HYPEST anime of all time. That my friends is destiny. Made by the same studio as Abenobashi, Gurren Laggan deals with Simon the Digger and humanity’s drive to drill though the heavens!!!! Or something like that.



I love time travel, so I love Steins;Gate. Well, there is some more to it. The story is solid and surprisingly coherent for a time travel story. In a nutshell, the protagonist and his friends invent a time machine, and the horrible consequences force the protagonist to try to go back in time and stop himself from inventing the machine in the first place. The show has great character moments, great twists, and a lot of heart.

Cromartie High School

cromartie high_77_1280

We gatta get those bastards from Bass High! But seriously, this anime is incredibly funny. If I ever make a Top 10 Funniest Anime list, this is easily top 5 (behind School Rumble). I still reference this anime in every day conversation, even though almost no one knows what the hell I’m talking about. Every episode is only a few minutes long, so do yourself a favor, gets your affairs in order, and watch this amazing anime full of badasses. And Freddy Mercury.

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is blew my mind when I watch it. It had heart, it had laughs, it action. It. Was. Magic. Like most of you, I developed my favorite anime list based on things I’d seen when I was younger. Like before I could rent a car younger. But this show proved to me that your never too old to appreciate great art. And Little Witch Academia is art. It’s the best use of the “magical school” idea since Harry Potter. And, much like Akko and Shiny Chariot, Trigger creators were finally able to meet and surpass  Gurren Laggan and Gainax by adopting their themes of belief without out becoming a carbon copy. A truly great show.


Bonus: Video Games That Would Make Good Anime

  • Pokemon: Silver
  • Lollipop Chainsaw
  • Earthbound
  • Catherine
  • No More Heroes

4 thoughts on “So Its Come To This…Top 10 Favorite Anime [3 Year Anniversary]

  1. School Rumble is awesome.

  2. Jamie says:

    Yamada’s First Time is one of my favorites too! It was so ridiculous, but also so enjoyable and fun! ^_^

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