Type: durawalatugamaga

Synopsis: The city, you’ll never find a more wrecked hive of scum and villainy. Like the back alley doctor, or psychotic debt collector, or sociopathic favor man, or multitude of stalkers, or the new kid, or the headless horseman. But if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Pros: Durarara!! is fascinating. It’s a different kind of slice-of-life anime. Whereas most slice-of-life focus on a small group of high school kids, this focuses on a large cast of varying ages. The great part is that not every character know each other, so it’s neat when different pairings are made. Most of the characters that do know each other only interact to the extent of living in the same general area. They’re not ultra friends, but they are acquaintances, which are fairly rare in the friendship centric anime industry. There’s also no real main character, as each character gets a spotlight and often act as supporting or background characters for others. Some story lines even cross one another. The tone is comedic and mild drama, with energetic but short action scenes sprinkled in.

Cons: While each character gets a spotlight, you’ll notice that some plot points repeat. For example, like three of the characters have to deal with stalkers. Others story lines aren’t the greatest either. I didn’t like Anri’s secret backstory, mostly because adding more magic to the show felt like overkill. Celty by herself gave the show that extra twist, adding anther magical element kinda took away from her. I also disliked the Kida’s backstory, and the show never resolves the secret of Celty’s head, but it does have a second season. A season I look forward to seeing.

Watch it?: Definitely worth a watch (5/5)

MPV: Izaya Prihara
A better sh#t stirrer than Loki

Best episode: Ep. 7 “Bad-ass Dude” (is he even human!?)
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3 thoughts on “Durarara!!

  1. Artemis says:

    Personally, I don’t think the second season (or what’s aired of it so far, at least) is quite as good as the first – but then, it would have needed to be absolutely top-notch for that. However, I do still think it’s been pretty decent so far. Meanwhile, my favourite character still is and always has been Shizuo… and he’s so preoccupied with getting rid of Izaya (and vice versa) that I don’t think either character would be anywhere near as compelling without the other.

    • lexor831 says:

      Now I’m curious about the second season. But I totally second, Shizuo and Izaya are destined to dance forever.

      • Artemis says:

        I think my main issue with the second season so far is that there are several new characters introduced, which makes for a pretty enormous cast. Getting them all the right amount of screentime, along with progressing the actual story (or multiple stories, as is always the case with Durarara), is a huge juggling act that’s difficult to get right.

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