Date A Live

Type: The Inter-Dimensional Dating Game!


Synopsis: In a world where horrible space quakes destroy cities and ruin families, one man can make a difference. This man is Shido Itsuka, who has the unknown ability of having a kind of good face and adequate breath. With the aid of his manipulative sister and her band of dating masters, Shido will save the world…by creating a harem full of homicidal alien warriors.

Pros: I really dug the character work in this anime. No, not things like character interaction or dialogue. That stuff was generic anime stuff. The cool stuff was the character design and associated power set. Kurumi’s were particularly intense.  Each character felt dangerous, and their powers were cool. Even the little girl character had a crazy ice bunny thing. I also like the premise of a whole group of people advising a guy on what do say on a date. However, Iike the Pixar movie, this would work better if it was all in his head instead of in the sky.

Cons: I hated what happened to Tohka. She starts off as this mysterious silent character, but once she’s won over by the hero, she becomes a child. A child in a very curvy body. She only reverts when she’s pissed. The other love interests are a little girl, “non-blood” sister, and quiet girl with secret kink fantasies…so, yeah. The concept of assembling a harem of fighters through kisses isn’t new, but this anime does have great looking fights. I only wish the ending was better paced, because it just happens abruptly. Hope the second season is out.

Watch it:? Fairly fun (3/5)

MPV: Kotori Itsuka
Sister or not, she still has cool looking powers

Best episode: Ep.3 “Sword That Splits the Sky” (momentary awesomeness)
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