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Synopsis: When school started, three girls and one teacher decided to start a vaguely defined “game club” to slack off and not do much. But then, a few of their enemies (because high school, lol) tried to get their club shut down. After the desperately exhaustive search of a brief afternoon, the girls managed to blackmail the first slightly nice guy they encounter to join. Now it’s mostly up to him to keep the Club he never wanted to join afloat.

Pros: Really funny, great parody, killer side-characters. The anime is the type of comedy show that has random and unimportant side characters show up from time to time, and it works every time. My personal favorites are the son and father team that can read ki for some reason. Aside from this, the key comedy comes from Kenji having outrageous straight-man reactions to the girls’ eccentricities. For example, each have a chosen element, like the electricity elemental, who uses a taser. The plot, as described, is about various forces trying to close down the club, mostly because of feelings, and not the actual reason that the club does nothing and is a complete waste of resources. Though, it is a great scam.

Cons: Even though this isn’t technically a harem, quite a few of the girls do fall in love with Kenji. The main triangle is between little Roka and big boobed Takao. Takao is unsurprisingly the subject of the only pervy jokes in the show. Kinda lazy. Aside from that, I wish it was longer. I want more.

Watch it?: I’m hunting down the manga as we speak (4/5)
MPV: The Scramble for Porn Mags in Space Table-Top Game
How do you play, exactly?
Best episode: Ep.5 “What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?!”  (high stakes RPG!)
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