Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash

Type: Flashing what, I wonder? (hint: its their boobs)


Synopsis: There are five girls. They are ninjas. They have big boobs. There’s also five other girls. They are evil ninja. They also have big boobs. They fight, sometimes they’re friends, and other times they like to grope each other. You know, classic shinobi story telling.

Pros: The animation is real nice. Not just because extra care was put into the breast bounces, but the actual action was decent. I watched the English version, and the narrator had fun pointing out that the show was clearly fan service central. The gags are fairly solid, in a sexy/dirty kind of way. Nothing spectacular, but not horrible either.

Cons: So this is a fairly standard fan service show. Let’s get that straight right now. THEY LOSE CLOTHING IF THEY ARE ATTACKED. If you’re not into that, then you can live without this show. Even as a occasional fan of fan service, the show didn’t impress me. The jokes weren’t that funny (except for one pretty solid one in ep.3). The story was bland, with the ultimate lesson being friendship. I did find the “distinction” between the good and evil schools of shinobi being pretty interesting, since the good seemed pretty strict on rules, while the evil seemed pretty non-judgemental. I also would have bet money that the annoying innocent girl would have turned out to be super evil, but alas, that was not the case.

Watch it?: *shrugging shoulders*  (3/5)

MVP: ??????


You try finding a clean image on Google for this. Go on.

Best Episode: Ep.3 “Moonlight Intruder” (Surprisingly good fan service joke)

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