Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: The first one


Synopsis: vs. Baby Demon Bread

Pros: DBZ: Dead Zone is the first Dragon Ball Z movie with the title “Dragon Ball Z.” It’s a prequel movie, which premiered about 2 months after the series aired in Japan. So it not really Dragon Ball Z yet. Piccolo is still an antagonist, Goku still carries his Power Poll, and Gohan is still in his weird Chinese Emperor get-up. There are a lot of neat allusions for long time DBZ fans, like Goku and Piccolo teaming-up, and references to Gohan’s hidden potential. We even get a rare Kami fight. The film’s villain, Garlic Jr., also holds the title of being the ONLY bad guy to successfully wish for immortality. (p.s. Chi-Chi also gets a cool moment when she’s ready to thrown down with three bad guys to protect her Gohan. I think we all need to remember that she’s a World Caliber martial artist).

Cons: The movie’s biggest mistake is that the big twist in the beginning is that Piccolo is killed (and Kami by proxy). But Garlic Jr. makes a wish with the Dragon Balls, which would be destroyed if Piccolo was dead. So the movie losses it’s big dramatic moment right off the bat. Dead Zone is in a weird place where it’s DBZ, but not DBZ. It deals with demons for one, not aliens. It’s set right before the events of the show, so the movie can’t really do much in terms of flashy fighting. Garlic Jr. and his three henchmen are good enough, but their no Saiyans. Though Garlic Jr. is the only movie villain to get two movies (beside Broly). His backstory, however, is glossed over. He’s evil mainly for the evil. Krillin shows up, but doesn’t really do much (classic Krillin). Gohan is whiny, but he’s also 4, so I’m conflicted. And at 43 minutes, I question the use of the word “movie.”

In the Top 10 of DBZ movies?: Yes.

Villain: Garlic Jr.


Aw, he’s so little.

Best Moment: Gohan getting DRUNK. (or “weird” in the dub)

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