Girls und Panzer

Type: Tank Girls


Synopsis: It’s like Bend It Like Beckham, but with tanks, and a different characters, and unrelated plot.

Synopsis: The anime is another entry into the sub genre that I like to call “moe-military.” In Moe-Military, cute girls participate in military war games as part of their high school life. So obviously, the best part of this anime are the military tank battles, which are a great blend of action and music. Very golden age of Hollywood stuff. In this, tankery is treated more like a sport than anything else.The main cast, Oarai Girl’s High School, compete against other schools in Tank battles. Each school are allusions to different countries, with the standouts being Russia, the United States, and Germany. Not only are these fun depictions, but they also allow yet another look at how Japan looks at other countries. Outside of the tanks, each girls has their own mini-backstory that each resolves themselves. Since this is a moe anime, the main focus in on friendship. Friendship and tanks.

Cons: Ok, lets get this out of the way. It cannot believe they used LIVE AMMUNITION in these tank battles. I know this is just a cartoon, but that really took me out of this show about high school girls fighting each other in panzer tanks. Also, despite not having any, this show had this weird focus on boys. Like, the main selling point for the tank club was that it makes girls more graceful and feminine, which will make them, in this order: better wives, better students, and better worker. I just found that kinda weird. The humor is…good enough, and the conflicts are pretty average. Again, the tank stuff is fun, but the school stuff? Not so much.

Watch it?: Maybe catch the tank battles on Youtube (3/5)

MVP: Kay



Best Episode: Ep.6 “The First Round Reaches Its Climax” (cheat to win)

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