Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: The first one I ever saw


Synopsis: vs. Brain in a Jar

Pros: The second DBZ movie sees our heroes fighting against an evil scientist’s brain. It’s fairly similar to the first movie in that it has the bad guy making a wish to the Dragon Balls, Piccolo getting owned, three henchmen, and Gohan playing some key role. We do get a pretty sweet fight scene with Master Roshi though. I actually liked this bit. You see, the villain of the movie was frozen 50 years ago, so he kidnaps the world’s strongest fighter, which from his perspective, is Master Roshi. The film also has one of the rare instances of a successful Spirit Bomb. And to think, this all started over a Pig’s wish for panties.

Cons: The movie is kinda slow. Basically, Master Roshi and Bulma are kidnapped by discount Saibamen, Goku and friends go save them, Krillin shows up and contributes nothing (classic Krillin), and the day is saved. Dr. Wheelo is our antagonist this time around, but he’s not really memorable. He’s just a brain in a jar, then a robot. There’s a lot of exposition in this one, as Bulma has to explain what the backstory is for both Dr. Wheelo and his henchmen. Except for the fact that this is a very early instance of fighting Androids, this is kinda forgettable.

In the Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No

Villain: Dr. Wheelo


Kinda sounds like the bad guy from Inspector Gadget

Best Moment: When Goku and Chi-Chi discuss raising Gohan (maybe I’m just older, but I really wonder what the Domestic situation is like in the Son Household.).

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