Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Bambi, but with Lasers


Synopsis: vs. Earth 3 Goku

Pros: By this point, the DBZ movies have solidly become Dragon Ball Z stories. The premise would remain consistent for the next few movies: The gang are chillin’, they suddenly sense an evil presence, the Earth gets destroyed, Goku’s friends lose hard, Goku overcomes the odds, and everyone laughs at the end. The odd’s Goku has to overcome in this one is Turles, a space pirate that looks exactly like Goku, despite having no acknowledged familial connection. In an interesting change of pace, Goku doesn’t really beat Turles in a fight, he barely squecks by. I forgot that Goku doesn’t really become unbeatable until the Cell Saga.

Cons: The start of the movie is very sugar coated. It deals with Gohan and Krilling making a wish to save their animal friends. This is also the movie where Gohan gets his pet dragon Icarus (which I believe only shows up in the movies). A lot of the plot has to do with Gohan having to secretly take care of Icarus because Chi-Chi won’t let him keep it. It’s also interesting to note that at this point, all of Goku’s friends become useless in a fight, even Piccolo. They all get easily beaten by Trules henchmen, while Goku beats them in one hit.

In the Top 10 DBZ Films?: No

Villain: Trules


He just needed a Goatee

Best Moment: Yamcha’s car getting destroyed (Yamcha, you suck!)

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