Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: They won’t tell you, but it’s Evil Guru


Synopsis: vs. Super Slug Man!

Synopsis: Hey, Piccolo shows up! This movie moves a lot faster than the previous films. Right away, the villain and his henchmen are introduced and the fighting starts. This time it’s Lord Slug, a big secret Namekian (uh, spoilers?) who comes to Earth…by accident? Yeah, he only really decides to stay on Earth become it has Dragon Balls. He also actually succeeds at getting the Dragon Balls and making a wish. So far, the movie villains have a much better record with the Dragon Balls than the show’s villains. Lord Slug is also another villain that Goku couldn’t beat. And although it’s not stated in this movie, it is neat that Lord Slug is just the evil version of Guru, like Piccolo was the evil version of Kami. I liked the fact that to achieve enlightenment, Namekians have to literally expel their evil from their body.

Cons: Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I forgot why Lord Slug had to freeze the Earth in the first place. He also has a weird army that is very sensitive to sunlight. Kinda makes them less than optimal. I did like the Piccolo was actually as strong as the henchmen in this movie, and only lost because he was protecting Gohan. But that still meant that Goku ended up fighting everyone. This is also the movie with the infamous foux-Super Saiyan Goku (even though the English Dub went ahead and called him a Super Saiyan).

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: Yes.

Villain: Lord Slug


Super Namek!

Best Moment: “No thanks, were Self-Employed” -Goku (It’s true when you think about it!)

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