Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Super Saiyan! (for real this time)


Synopsis: vs. Freiza’s cooler older brother

Pros: Cooler’s Revenge has one of the cooler DBZ villains. Cooler is a great bad guy, and a nice stoic constrast to his brother Frieza. He doesn’t underestimate Goku, and most of the movie is the Z fighters racing against the clock to make sure Goku is strong enough to win. There are again 3 henchmen, but this time, Piccolo is there to fight EVENLY with them. And for the first time, Goku manages to beat the bad guy in a one-on-one fight, which was nice.

Cons: Despite liking Cooler myself, he does become less likable once he transforms. Once he’s in his big guy form, he become more arrogant and crazy, closer in attitude to his brother. This movie also does this weird thing were Goku brings a bird back to life. For some reason, these movies have been trying to make Goku the friend of the animals. Maybe it’s an English dub thing. There’s also a weird thing where everyone keeps mistaking him for Freeza, despite looking nothing like Freiza.

In the DBZ Top 10?: Yes

Villain: Cooler


…can’t think of a pun

Best Moment: Dore’s English Voice Actor (he obviously has some fun)

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