Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler

Type: Hey, its Vegeta!


Synopsis: vs. Mecha-Freiza’s cooler brother

Pros: Once again, Cooler returns to be a very cool villain. This time, he’s in Mecha (Cyber?) form. The premise is that Cooler has taken over Namek, and it’s up to Goku and friends to save the day. The movie is really two giant fights. One against Cooler’s Robot army, and another against Cooler himself. This time, however, Vegeta joins in for the first time! He’s such an asshole, I love it! The movie does an very good job selling Cooler as an unstoppable force, as both Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan form cannot best him in a fight. A very good sequel.

Cons: Again, no real plot. It’s basically a rehash of a the Namek arc, but with Cooler this time. It’s really just a giant fight movie. I’m not crazy about Cooler’s mecha form, but I do appreciate that it’s suppose to be a much sleeker version of Freiza’s mecha form. For the funny, this is the movie were Cooler’s robots can only be beat by hitting them really, really hard. One more thing, Vegeta show up right? Up it’s never explained why he shows up. He didn’t travel with Goku. He didn’t immediately follow Goku. He just shows up. What kinda lazy writing is that!?

Top 10 DBZ movie?: Yes

Villains: Metal-Cooler


I now know why you laser fight, but it is something I can never do

Best Moment: Goku and Vegeta fighting together (they’re such a cute couple!)

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