Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Totally New to Me


Synopsis: vs. Just a Good Ol’ Boy

Pros: Well, I’ve never actually seen this one, so that’s pretty cool. The movie is one big fight story take takes place right at the beginning of the Android 17 and 18 Saga. Gero is killed, and his super computer decides to build 3 new androids. He makes one of them a Southener for some reason. I actually think this makes Android 13 stand out a bit more from the other generic movie villains. Plus, hey, Trunks is in this one!

Cons: Again, one big fight movie. No real plot to speak of. Like Cooler’s Revenge, this one is mostly about bad guys specifically out to kill Goku. And also like Cooler’s Revenge, Android 13 becomes less special once he transforms into his second form, which is a weird blue guy for some reason. Now, I wasn’t kidding above, the English Dub literally makes Android 13 a stereotypical redneck who keeps referring to the Monkey Man raised in the mountains as a “City Slicker” (I get the feeling the English crew were having a little fun). I disliked the fact that Trunks is relatively weak in this film, getting his ass kicked by the androids for a bit. I was always under the impression that during the Android/Cell Arc, he was second only to Goku in strength. I’ve always liked the idea that Hybrid-Saiyans are stronger than Pure Blooded Saiyans. Also, Purple or not, Android 15 is still totally racist.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No.

Villain: Android 13


Never meaning no harm.

Best Moment: “Don’t lecture me with your 30 dollar haircut!” -Android 13 (why!? just, why?)

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