Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: steep decline


Synopsis: vs. the King of the Space Pirates!

Pros: Now, this is considered as one of the worst Dragon Ball Z movie. Its not the worst DBZ movie, but it’s on the bottom tier. It starts off with a pretty cool World Tournament that was suppose to parlay into an intergalactic tournament. I thought this had potential and would have liked to what that would have looked like. But instead, about halfway through, it turns into a fight with these Space Pirate guys that are suppose to be super dangerous, but just look silly. It is cool that Gohan is the main protagonist in this one, technically being the strongest fighter at this time, but he still needs his dad’s help, because we are all useless without Goku.

Cons: Bojack and his crew of pirates are not interesting. Their sorta just pirates to be pirates. I was much more interested in the Tournament aspect. What if, instead of space pirates, the final fight could have been something cool, like Trunks vs. Gohan, or Vegeta vs. Gohan. Something more connected to the story overall. But as it stands, this film is pretty skippable.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No

Villain: Bojack



Best Moment: Krillin vs. Piccolo (or lackthereof)

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