Dragon Ball Z: Bardock- The Father of Goku [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Prequel


Synopsis: The Last Days of Krypton

Pros: O.k, so this is technically a “Special,” not a movie, but whatever. Bardock-The Father of Goku, coupled with The History of Trunks, are probably the two best Dragon Ball Z stories ever produced. This one tells that tale of Bardock, Goku’s Father (duh) right before the destruction of the Saiyan race. Bardock is just an army grunt who is given vision of the Saiyan Genocide, as well as his son’s future. He tries to make sense of these visions before decided to rebel against Frieza, his lord and executioner. Bardock is who carries this film, as the plot largely revolves around his exploits. He’s a typical Saiyan: violent, arrogant, aggressive, but not to the supervillainess extent that future Saiyan’s are depicted as. We know he can’t change his fate, but we’re fascinated to see his response.

Cons: Umm, huh. Ah….oh! At the start there’s this female Saiyan named Fushia who people theorized was Goku’s mom for years. I guess that’s something.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: Yes.

Hero: Bardock


Went out like a Boss

Best Moment: Bardock taking on Frieza and his army all by himself. (and dying, of course)

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