Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: A new one


Synopsis: vs. a Cat

Pros: Battle of the Gods is the first new Dragon Ball Z movie in about a decade. It’s also a continuation of the original story, co-created by the original author himself. It’s set about 4 years after the Buu Saga, and deal with the God of Destruction coming to Earth to look for a “Super Saiyan God.” The God, Beerus, isn’t actually evil. He’s just a little impatient. The film does a great job at treating him like the BIGGEST fighter the franchise has ever introduced, even making the Dragon Shenron nervous. Goku couldn’t even touch him without energy from his friends, something that actually ticked him off. Goku laments that fact that with Beerus, there exists a power level he has no hopes of achieving by himself, which hurts his pride as a fighter. It’s a nice character moment from someone with a reputation for being goofy. After so many years, I’m happy to see that the Dragon Ball Z characters are still enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure how many of the original voice cast returned, but everyone sounded enough like themselves to give me that sweet nolstalgic feeling. Vegeta also shines in this, as his comical attempts to keep Beerus calm when he comes to Earth made me smile. Plus, he’s the first person to actually hurt Beerus. Even Goku couldn’t do that in his SS3 form!

Cons: I’ll admit, when I first saw Beerus, I thought that the Dragon Ball Z franchise had officially run out of ideas. But it turns out he’s a great character. In classic Dragon Ball Z form, the story takes some of the wind from the sails of the fans by suggesting that the universe is full of even more powerful characters than Goku. Even the mighty Super Saiyan 3 is no match for Beerus. The same thing happened for Super Saiyan 1 during the Android arc. I don’t mind, but I get the feeling some fans resent this trend.

Top 10 DBZ films?: Yes

Villain: Beerus


His name means “Beer” (though it originally suppose to mean Virus)

Best Moment: Vegeta trying to keep Beerus calm in a Sitcom-like fashion (all we needed was a laugh track).

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