Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: The F stands for “Frieza”


Synopsis: vs. Shiny Statuette

Pros: Resurrection of F is the second cinematic entry into the, I guess you would call it “relaunch,” of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. This one deals with a resurrected Frieza in a new, more powerful form. I liked how the film treated Frieza. In most of his post-death iterations, Frieza has been treated as something of a joke, but in this one, even Goku treated him as a threat. This version of Frieza, while as pompous and evil as ever, seems to have gained a little respect for Z fighters. You also get a cool little battle sequence between the Z fighters and Frieza’s army. You know, I always did kinda wonder what ever happened to Frieza’s Empire after he and his father died. But it’s still big enough to have a standing army. On that note, I loved that the movie kept the continuity alive by referencing that Frieza’s death was actually at the hands of Trunks, not Goku. Frieza just can’t find Trunks, cause time travel, so he goes for Goku instead. I also loved the fact that one of the movie’s plot points was Goku’s, and a lot of his friend’s, bad habit of going easy of bad guys to get a good fight out of them, which has been a common logic argument among fans. Pretty solid overall.

Cons: I do feel that reusing a classic villain like this diminishes his appeal a little. I’m also a little iffy with the idea that Frieza could catch up to Goku so quickly because he actually trained for the first time in his life. That’s a little fan-fictiony to me. Also, where’s Majin Buu? They mention him, but he never shows up. Another thing, in the movie, Gohan gets punked by Frieza to show how strong he’s become, but earlier it’s said that Gohan hasn’t been training and may only be able to enter Super Saiyan. So which is it? Is Frieza stronger or is Gohan just weaker? I guess it’s both at this point.

Top 10 DBZ Film?: Yes

Villain: Golden Frieza


He chose that color to show off

Best Moment: Android 18 calling Krillin “Cool” (I just find that very cute)

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