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Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: steep decline


Synopsis: vs. the King of the Space Pirates!

Pros: Now, this is considered as one of the worst Dragon Ball Z movie. Its not the worst DBZ movie, but it’s on the bottom tier. It starts off with a pretty cool World Tournament that was suppose to parlay into an intergalactic tournament. I thought this had potential and would have liked to what that would have looked like. But instead, about halfway through, it turns into a fight with these Space Pirate guys that are suppose to be super dangerous, but just look silly. It is cool that Gohan is the main protagonist in this one, technically being the strongest fighter at this time, but he still needs his dad’s help, because we are all useless without Goku.

Cons: Bojack and his crew of pirates are not interesting. Their sorta just pirates to be pirates. I was much more interested in the Tournament aspect. What if, instead of space pirates, the final fight could have been something cool, like Trunks vs. Gohan, or Vegeta vs. Gohan. Something more connected to the story overall. But as it stands, this film is pretty skippable.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No

Villain: Bojack



Best Moment: Krillin vs. Piccolo (or lackthereof)

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Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: 80 minutes!


Synopsis: vs. Everyone’s Fan Art

Pros: For the first time, a Dragon Ball Z movie is actually movie length!! The Broly movie is considered the best Dragon Ball Z movie. I can’t really say that much until I’ve seen them all, but this is pretty good. The premise is that at Saiyan approaches Vegeta with a new Planet and Kingdom, to which Vegeta immediately accepts without question, as part of a plan to have his ultra powerful son Broly kill him. In hindsight, this is the best Vegeta in any movie. He’s Saiyan upbriging shines awesomely. Goku is also in a suit, which is pretty great. It turns out that Broly is insane and soon runs a mock. Broly is a very straightforward villain, evil, violent, and with a good design. Seriously, Broly is the guy everyone created when they tried to draw a super saiyan, whether they knew it or not. This is probably why he’s so popular among the fan base.

Cons: Personally, I think Broly is overhyped. He’s a good character, but he’s not amazing or anything. I’m also a bit troubled with the title “Legendary Super Saiyan” In the movie, Broly’s incredible power makes Vegeta proclaim him as the Super Saiyan of legend, which longtime fans will know is suppose to be Goku. That was one of the lynch pins of the Namek Saga. But that’s about it. Unlike other movies, this had a plot, an enjoyable story, and a kick-ass fight.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: Yes.

Villain: Broly


He’s angry at Goku because he cried as a baby. That’s his motivation.

Best Moment: Vegeta’s spirit being broken (Possibly the best acting from Vegeta ever)

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Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Totally New to Me


Synopsis: vs. Just a Good Ol’ Boy

Pros: Well, I’ve never actually seen this one, so that’s pretty cool. The movie is one big fight story take takes place right at the beginning of the Android 17 and 18 Saga. Gero is killed, and his super computer decides to build 3 new androids. He makes one of them a Southener for some reason. I actually think this makes Android 13 stand out a bit more from the other generic movie villains. Plus, hey, Trunks is in this one!

Cons: Again, one big fight movie. No real plot to speak of. Like Cooler’s Revenge, this one is mostly about bad guys specifically out to kill Goku. And also like Cooler’s Revenge, Android 13 becomes less special once he transforms into his second form, which is a weird blue guy for some reason. Now, I wasn’t kidding above, the English Dub literally makes Android 13 a stereotypical redneck who keeps referring to the Monkey Man raised in the mountains as a “City Slicker” (I get the feeling the English crew were having a little fun). I disliked the fact that Trunks is relatively weak in this film, getting his ass kicked by the androids for a bit. I was always under the impression that during the Android/Cell Arc, he was second only to Goku in strength. I’ve always liked the idea that Hybrid-Saiyans are stronger than Pure Blooded Saiyans. Also, Purple or not, Android 15 is still totally racist.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No.

Villain: Android 13


Never meaning no harm.

Best Moment: “Don’t lecture me with your 30 dollar haircut!” -Android 13 (why!? just, why?)

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Type: The One the Internet Prefers


Synopsis: Once upon a time there was this anime based on a manga…that wasn’t closed to being finished. Undeterred, the anime forged its own path. A few years later, the manga was finished, and the industry knew it could milk more money off the property. So it created basically a “new” anime based more closely on the original manga, and it shows!….about a third of the way into it. But hey, it’s still great!

Pros: For a lot of people, the biggest positive Brotherhood has over the original anime is that it follows the manga way more closely. Having read the manga, which is stellar by the way, I’d have to agree. The overall story flows better because, well, its has a complete story to work on instead of just a percentage. Let’s just say that a lot of stuff becomes clearer when the story has all the intended characters to play around with cough Hoenheim and Father cough. That’s not to say that this detracts from the original anime. That’s not the point. Just because you like Brotherhood, that doesn’t mean you can’t still like the original. It’s just sorta the difference between a B and an A. For instance, when fighting the homunculous this time around, you’ll notice that it takes an awful lot just to kill one. They come off more as freakish forces of nature, which was lost in the original. Since this was made a few years after the original, you’ll notice that the animation is better. The ending is also WAY better and more exciting. Basically, the more you watch it, the more you’ll get into it.

Cons: OK, I’ll be honest. I can’t really remember how much on Brotherhood overlaps with the original anime, because it has been a while since I watched the original, and I may also be confusing certain moments with my reading of the manga. That being said, like the first 10 or 15 episodes are repeats of the original, so feel free to skip those. Even then, if you watched the original anime, this one might feel like a retread every once in a while. But the feeling does go away. You’ll also notice that certain characters, like Lust, Rose, Izumi, and Ross have severely minimized storylines this go around, because their roles were stretched and exaggerated in the original anime. So if you’re a person that liked their stories, myself included, you’ll be kinda bummed. Seriously, Lust and Rose are so not important in this one. You’ll also notice new characters, specifically those from “Shing,” (aka China). They were cool, but I wasn’t a fan of the boy that would be emperor. I should also note that while the ending is great, the last arc itself feels like it drags on a bit too much.

Watch it?: Honestly, if you’re ganna watch Fullmetal Alchemist, you should watch this one (4/5)

MVP: King Bradley


Way too OP

Best Episode: Ep.62 “A Fierce Counterattack” (Teamwork!)


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Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler

Type: Hey, its Vegeta!


Synopsis: vs. Mecha-Freiza’s cooler brother

Pros: Once again, Cooler returns to be a very cool villain. This time, he’s in Mecha (Cyber?) form. The premise is that Cooler has taken over Namek, and it’s up to Goku and friends to save the day. The movie is really two giant fights. One against Cooler’s Robot army, and another against Cooler himself. This time, however, Vegeta joins in for the first time! He’s such an asshole, I love it! The movie does an very good job selling Cooler as an unstoppable force, as both Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan form cannot best him in a fight. A very good sequel.

Cons: Again, no real plot. It’s basically a rehash of a the Namek arc, but with Cooler this time. It’s really just a giant fight movie. I’m not crazy about Cooler’s mecha form, but I do appreciate that it’s suppose to be a much sleeker version of Freiza’s mecha form. For the funny, this is the movie were Cooler’s robots can only be beat by hitting them really, really hard. One more thing, Vegeta show up right? Up it’s never explained why he shows up. He didn’t travel with Goku. He didn’t immediately follow Goku. He just shows up. What kinda lazy writing is that!?

Top 10 DBZ movie?: Yes

Villains: Metal-Cooler


I now know why you laser fight, but it is something I can never do

Best Moment: Goku and Vegeta fighting together (they’re such a cute couple!)

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Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Super Saiyan! (for real this time)


Synopsis: vs. Freiza’s cooler older brother

Pros: Cooler’s Revenge has one of the cooler DBZ villains. Cooler is a great bad guy, and a nice stoic constrast to his brother Frieza. He doesn’t underestimate Goku, and most of the movie is the Z fighters racing against the clock to make sure Goku is strong enough to win. There are again 3 henchmen, but this time, Piccolo is there to fight EVENLY with them. And for the first time, Goku manages to beat the bad guy in a one-on-one fight, which was nice.

Cons: Despite liking Cooler myself, he does become less likable once he transforms. Once he’s in his big guy form, he become more arrogant and crazy, closer in attitude to his brother. This movie also does this weird thing were Goku brings a bird back to life. For some reason, these movies have been trying to make Goku the friend of the animals. Maybe it’s an English dub thing. There’s also a weird thing where everyone keeps mistaking him for Freeza, despite looking nothing like Freiza.

In the DBZ Top 10?: Yes

Villain: Cooler


…can’t think of a pun

Best Moment: Dore’s English Voice Actor (he obviously has some fun)

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Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: They won’t tell you, but it’s Evil Guru


Synopsis: vs. Super Slug Man!

Synopsis: Hey, Piccolo shows up! This movie moves a lot faster than the previous films. Right away, the villain and his henchmen are introduced and the fighting starts. This time it’s Lord Slug, a big secret Namekian (uh, spoilers?) who comes to Earth…by accident? Yeah, he only really decides to stay on Earth become it has Dragon Balls. He also actually succeeds at getting the Dragon Balls and making a wish. So far, the movie villains have a much better record with the Dragon Balls than the show’s villains. Lord Slug is also another villain that Goku couldn’t beat. And although it’s not stated in this movie, it is neat that Lord Slug is just the evil version of Guru, like Piccolo was the evil version of Kami. I liked the fact that to achieve enlightenment, Namekians have to literally expel their evil from their body.

Cons: Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I forgot why Lord Slug had to freeze the Earth in the first place. He also has a weird army that is very sensitive to sunlight. Kinda makes them less than optimal. I did like the Piccolo was actually as strong as the henchmen in this movie, and only lost because he was protecting Gohan. But that still meant that Goku ended up fighting everyone. This is also the movie with the infamous foux-Super Saiyan Goku (even though the English Dub went ahead and called him a Super Saiyan).

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: Yes.

Villain: Lord Slug


Super Namek!

Best Moment: “No thanks, were Self-Employed” -Goku (It’s true when you think about it!)

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Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Bambi, but with Lasers


Synopsis: vs. Earth 3 Goku

Pros: By this point, the DBZ movies have solidly become Dragon Ball Z stories. The premise would remain consistent for the next few movies: The gang are chillin’, they suddenly sense an evil presence, the Earth gets destroyed, Goku’s friends lose hard, Goku overcomes the odds, and everyone laughs at the end. The odd’s Goku has to overcome in this one is Turles, a space pirate that looks exactly like Goku, despite having no acknowledged familial connection. In an interesting change of pace, Goku doesn’t really beat Turles in a fight, he barely squecks by. I forgot that Goku doesn’t really become unbeatable until the Cell Saga.

Cons: The start of the movie is very sugar coated. It deals with Gohan and Krilling making a wish to save their animal friends. This is also the movie where Gohan gets his pet dragon Icarus (which I believe only shows up in the movies). A lot of the plot has to do with Gohan having to secretly take care of Icarus because Chi-Chi won’t let him keep it. It’s also interesting to note that at this point, all of Goku’s friends become useless in a fight, even Piccolo. They all get easily beaten by Trules henchmen, while Goku beats them in one hit.

In the Top 10 DBZ Films?: No

Villain: Trules


He just needed a Goatee

Best Moment: Yamcha’s car getting destroyed (Yamcha, you suck!)

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Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: The first one I ever saw


Synopsis: vs. Brain in a Jar

Pros: The second DBZ movie sees our heroes fighting against an evil scientist’s brain. It’s fairly similar to the first movie in that it has the bad guy making a wish to the Dragon Balls, Piccolo getting owned, three henchmen, and Gohan playing some key role. We do get a pretty sweet fight scene with Master Roshi though. I actually liked this bit. You see, the villain of the movie was frozen 50 years ago, so he kidnaps the world’s strongest fighter, which from his perspective, is Master Roshi. The film also has one of the rare instances of a successful Spirit Bomb. And to think, this all started over a Pig’s wish for panties.

Cons: The movie is kinda slow. Basically, Master Roshi and Bulma are kidnapped by discount Saibamen, Goku and friends go save them, Krillin shows up and contributes nothing (classic Krillin), and the day is saved. Dr. Wheelo is our antagonist this time around, but he’s not really memorable. He’s just a brain in a jar, then a robot. There’s a lot of exposition in this one, as Bulma has to explain what the backstory is for both Dr. Wheelo and his henchmen. Except for the fact that this is a very early instance of fighting Androids, this is kinda forgettable.

In the Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No

Villain: Dr. Wheelo


Kinda sounds like the bad guy from Inspector Gadget

Best Moment: When Goku and Chi-Chi discuss raising Gohan (maybe I’m just older, but I really wonder what the Domestic situation is like in the Son Household.).

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Girls und Panzer

Type: Tank Girls


Synopsis: It’s like Bend It Like Beckham, but with tanks, and a different characters, and unrelated plot.

Synopsis: The anime is another entry into the sub genre that I like to call “moe-military.” In Moe-Military, cute girls participate in military war games as part of their high school life. So obviously, the best part of this anime are the military tank battles, which are a great blend of action and music. Very golden age of Hollywood stuff. In this, tankery is treated more like a sport than anything else.The main cast, Oarai Girl’s High School, compete against other schools in Tank battles. Each school are allusions to different countries, with the standouts being Russia, the United States, and Germany. Not only are these fun depictions, but they also allow yet another look at how Japan looks at other countries. Outside of the tanks, each girls has their own mini-backstory that each resolves themselves. Since this is a moe anime, the main focus in on friendship. Friendship and tanks.

Cons: Ok, lets get this out of the way. It cannot believe they used LIVE AMMUNITION in these tank battles. I know this is just a cartoon, but that really took me out of this show about high school girls fighting each other in panzer tanks. Also, despite not having any, this show had this weird focus on boys. Like, the main selling point for the tank club was that it makes girls more graceful and feminine, which will make them, in this order: better wives, better students, and better worker. I just found that kinda weird. The humor is…good enough, and the conflicts are pretty average. Again, the tank stuff is fun, but the school stuff? Not so much.

Watch it?: Maybe catch the tank battles on Youtube (3/5)

MVP: Kay



Best Episode: Ep.6 “The First Round Reaches Its Climax” (cheat to win)

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