Type: About a Ghost Boy


Synopsis: At the start we’re introduced to this girl who becomes part ghost after saving the life of a shrine god, right? But then the show thrown in a cute blonde boy, and, like, the rest of the show is about blondy having teenage mood swings and shop lifting stuff. To be honest, I’m not sure why the girl was there in the first place.

Pros: This show is about getting to know the god Yato and his background. Yato wants to become a rich and famour god, and strives for this goal by graffiti-advertising his divine services all over town. The various menial tasks he undertakes are hilarious. We’re introduced to his world of shrine gods by Hiyori, a recently partially-deceased girl. Being half-dead, Hiyori’s spirit has the unfortunate habit of slipping out of her body, leaving her physical form in random places. This is also hilarious. In addition, Yato and Hiyori’s interactions are equally hilarious, since she views him as a bum who constantly fails to fufill his promise to restore her. Not to mention Yato’s standing with the other gods. What I’m saying is, this thing is pretty funny when it wants to be.

Cons: This show’s first episode is misleading. According to the pilot, the anime will be about this ambitious but down on his luck god working with a teenage girl to make people’s wishes come true, with the occasional monster fight thrown in. But by the second episode, this is quickly set aside in favor of a looong arc involving Yato’s new shinki, Yukine. Yukine is kinda the most whiny character in the existence of forever and I hate his face, and we get to witness his little drama queen skit from EP2 ALL THE WAY TO EP9. It was horrible. I also felt that Hiyori was criminally misused. Again, the pilot introduces her as a fighting fan who kicks a phantom in the face! She should have been Yato’s shinki. But instead, she becomes the standard female emotional support. Lame.

Watch it?: Just google the funny parts (3/5)

MVP: Hiyori


So much potential

Best Episode: Ep.4 “Where Happiness Lies” (funniest moment in the whole series)

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4 thoughts on “Noragami

  1. Artemis says:

    I have much the same feelings about Hiyori – it’s not that I think she’s a bad character so much as I think she’s a character who was utilized badly, which is definitely an important distinction for me. I actually really liked Yukine’s character though. Maybe I just have a higher tolerance for angst, but I found him pretty easy to sympathise with, and the relationship between him and Yato highly compelling. I can get why others might find him whiny and annoying, but that whole story arc was honestly the highlight of the show as far as I was concerned.

    • lexor831 says:

      That’s exactly it! Hiyori isn’t bad, but misused. And I kinda agree with your assessment on Yukine. Subjectively, I’m not a fan of angst, so he bugged me. Objectively, I feel that his main emotional arc should have been cut down a tad, since this was 12 episodes, not 24. But he’s also not a bad character.

  2. You should watch the next season. Yukine cleans up his act and the plot is generally better, though it needs a little time to warm up.

  3. lexor831 says:

    I’m actually kinda wary about watching the next season. I will eventually, but ahhhhh, I don’t want to be hurt again!

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