One Punch Man [Anime of the Year]

Type: Japanese Superman


Synopsis: After doing the insane training regime of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and jogging 10 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY, Saitama has become the strongest being in creation. Now bored out of his mind, he decides to become a hero for fun.

Pros: One Punch man is amazing. Even it’s inception is amazing. It started out as a nothing web comic, and now it’s one of the most popular franchises in the industry. I’ve personally read almost all the manga. The premise is pretty much what I described. Saitama is a super strong “hero” who beats all his opponents in One-Punch. The joke of the series is that all the super detailed and overly designed villains get decimated by this one simple looking dude. The series is full of monster of the week villains, but also heroes of the week. One Punch Man is full of random heroes that make up the “Hero Association,” a Justice League/Avenger’s style group that monitors that heroes. The main plot actually revolves around the Hero Association, even if Saitama is the guy to ultimately fix everything. This means that most fights involve other heroes, usually Saitama’s sidekick/desciple Genos, getting beat up by a villain. But that’s actually good, because we get to see that the other heroes are actually heroic, as well as padding out the series a bit. The anime does an excellent job at making the fights look amazing. Plus, it adds to the joke that after all this struggle, Saitama just had to anti-climactically punch something to megadeath. (P.S. There’s also a bunch of superhero troupes, like the constant destruction of a city, the random villains, the fact that everything is resolved by punching, etc)

Cons: The story. Not important. If you came for a compelling narrative, you came to the wrong place. That’s not to say that the plot’s bad, its not. It’s just kinda there. The sets up the world, but the Hero Association is not really crucial to your enjoyment. It just felt a little superfluous is what I’m saying. As such, a lot of the “drama” involving dead or dying heroes didn’t really interest me. After all, this is mostly a comedy show. But on that note, I should mention that some of the humor from the manga doesn’t really translate well to the anime. Particularly, the parts where Saitama is deadpan and has those weird shading likes drawn on him. And I’d skip episode 1.

Watch it?: Best Blank Look in the Business (5/5)

MVP: License-Less Rider


Justice needs no license

Best Episode: Ep.9 “Unyielding Justice” (shut-up, these aren’t tears!)

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    Happy New Year. I would like to nominate you for a “One Lovely Blog Award” Congrats.

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