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Love Hina

Type: One Conversation would literally fix everything


Synopsis: 5 girls, 1 guy, and a Hot Springs Hotel in the longest “Self-Doubt” Arc I’ve every encountered.

Pros: Love Hina is considered one of the more influential franchises in Anime. It, along with Fruit Baskets, is often credited for laying the foundation for the love-comedy/Harem genre we know today. The premise is simple enough: a boy named Keitaro is trying to get into Tokyo University because of a promise he made to a girl he can’t remember, and find himself managing a all-girl’s dorm. The comedy derives from the now classic misunderstandings and peep-to-punish jokes, and the occasional cultural reference. Some episodes are even one-offs, like the medieval episode. The conflict comes from Keitaro and Naru’s developing relationship, as they both like each other but can’t admit it due to various circumstances. But still, the anime is very enjoyable in that old school early 2000’s kinda way.

Cons: Without talking about the animation or English voice acting, because this was made in 2000 so take it or leave it, my biggest peeves come from the conceits of the story. Keitaro and Naru are the driving force behind the show’s melodrama. They both like each other, but will not admit it. Keitaro is indecisive and lacks confidence. Naru is unsure of her feelings, but becomes jealous easily. The biggest issue is that this is the central plot, so this doesn’t change throughout the show. What we get is a lot of faffing about, with each character running away at several points after mistakenly feeling rejected. I didn’t like it in the manga, and I don’t like it here. I don’t really feel that every girl got a fair share of the spotlight, as they mostly acted as background characters for Naru and Keitaro. No wonder they always bad mouth him. And the anime doesn’t really get a proper ending until the OVAs, “Love Hina Again.” (PS. I’ve also always found the Tokyo U promise very dumb, because Keitaro made it when he was 3. He, nor anyone he’s with, should take that seriously).

Watch it?: Naru and Keitaro get married at the end (4/5)

MVP: Motoko


Liked her better in the manga, but still.

Best Episode: “The Case of the Missing Hinata Apartment Money: A Mystery” (A mystery!)

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Tenchi Universe

Type: Nostalgic


Synopsis: Ah man, now this take me back. The life of an Earth boy named Tenchi is turned upside down by the great Space Pirate Ryoko, the Princess Ayeka, her sister Sasami, the Galaxy Policewomen Mihoshi and Kiyone, and Washu, the greatest mad scientist in the universe! And unlike the original, they get into way more hijinks this time around. Some on Earth, some in Space, some is PARALLEL DIMENSIONS!

Pros: Ok, so its going to be hard for me to review this, because Tenchi Muyo was the first anime reviewed on this site. The entire franchise has a fond place in my heart, flaws and all. Tenchi Univese is a proper 26 episode anime, unlike the original that came out sporadically in OVAs. The story and relationships are largely the same, ending with Tenchi’s battle with Kagato, but it has some minor tweaks. For example, in this show, Mihoshi plays a larger part, and was actually introduced alongside Ryoko in the firs episode. Ryoko is also a lot more mischievous in this iteration. The overall tone is more slice of life, and the inclusion of Mihoshi’s exasperated partner Kiyone opens up some Laverne and Shirley-esque stories. As much as I love the original, anyone looking to see what Tenchi Muyo is about should really start here.

Cons: I felt that the last arc was a bit too long. It depicts the invasion of Jurei, which is cool considering that in the original, Ryoko was on the run for invading Jurei. A nice reversal there. But still, it took a little long to get to the fireworks factory, you know? Some fans may notice characters like Ayeka and Washu getting a bit short changed, and Ryoko no longer has anything to do with Washu, Jurei,or Kagato. But yeah, I can’t really point out any major flaws. Even the mid-90’s voice acting was stellar.

Watch it?: The best Tenchi series???? (4/5)

MVP: MIhoshi and Kiyone


Even though Ryoko is still boss, these two GXP ladies stole the show

Best Episodes: Ep.11-13 “Time and Space Adventure” (Genre Adventure!)

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Free! Eternal Summer

Type: Deceitful Title


Synopsis: First off all, the Summer is, in fact, not Eternal. It is a four month period in which the distance between the Earth and Sun is the shortest. It’s also not true in the show, because the season’s theme is about the transition into adulthood, using the end of Summer as a metaphor. Also, a lot a cute boys that for sure make out with each other.

Pros: So this section is going to be shorter than usual, because this season doesn’t really add anything to the franchise, besides an ending. If you liked the Free! franchise for it’s use of handsome boys, muscles, and homoerotic undertones, then you’ll feel right at home. But if you liked Free! for it’s story, or its melodrama, then this season might be a little disappointing.

Cons: One of the reasons I liked the first season of Free! was for the backstory involving Rin and Haruka, as well as the assembly of the Iwatobi Swim Club. It was a classic sports anime. You had your rival character that used to be part of the team, you had your weird MVP, you had your rookie, you had your gay subtext. Beat for beat, it was great. This season doesn’t really have that. There’s nothing really at stake this season. No big competition to win, no friend to win over. The show implies early on that the new big bad is Rin’s friend Sousuke, but nothing really comes of it. He just tells Haru to stop hanging around his totally not boyfriend, and then complain about his shoulder. Every character introduced this season amount to nothing, and the side characters from last season don’t do anything! What’s up with Momo? Do he and Rin’s sister ever hook up? What was Rin’s sister doing anyway? Or their teacher? Or their Swim Coach? The real theme this season is the more vague “end of childhood.” Haru and Makoto are graduating this season, and have to decide what to do. Again, this happens more or less as a subplot. Overall, it’s a disappointing season.

Watch it?: Stick to Season 1 (3/5)

MVP: Momotaro Mikoshiba


I’ve been told he’s adorable

Best Episode: Ep.13 “The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!” (that one scene. Good job.)

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Makai Senki Disgaea

Type: Hour of Darkness, sort of


Synopsis: An anime inspired by a video game series that already uses a lot of anime in it. This one loosely follows the plot of the first game, where an annoying would-be “Overlord” and his two female sidekicks travel the tactical rpg world with an army of penguins.

Pros: I love the Disgaea game series. Well, technically I love Disgaea 2, but I respect the rest. Apparently, this anime sorta follows the plot of the Disgaea 1. As a fan, I can sort of see this, but the story clearly works better in the battle-by-battle cutscene flow of the games. The anime itself is ok. Except of a few boob jokes here and there, its the kind of anime what you would see from an old Fox Saturday Morning cartoon line-up.

Cons: This is an anime that tries to translate a video game story into an anime. These don’t tend to work out. Partly, its because anime creators don’t have faith in the strength of the original story and try to add filler. There are some exceptions, like visual novels, but these tend to follow anime troupes. But to be fair, a lot of game stories are bad, but you give them a pass because you get to do all the exciting stuff yourself. Anyway,  I’d wager that I’d enjoy the game scenes on Youtube over the anime. The anime simply flows oddly, having weird stops and warps in the story. The characters are fun, especially Etna and Flonne, but they have to contend with an anime story that’s just not strong enough. Again, the anime is fine. It’s OK. It’s enjoyable at points. But given the source material, it had the potential to be more. Maybe the first game wasn’t the one to adapt.

Watch it?: I’d pass on it (3/5)

MVP: Flonne


Love will save the Demon World

Best Episode: Ep.11 “A Night Lit Up by the Red Moon” (The only time I could tolerate Laharl)

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Cuticle Detective Inaba

Type: Goat of evil


Synopsis: I honestly do not know. Something about a wolf, a cute cross-dresser, and the goat that hounds them at every turn.

Pros: Silly humor plus, well, more silly humor. This anime was right up my alley. The premise is technically about a werewolf detective and his band of assistants. He has a cross dressing boy, a non cross-dressing boy, and a cop who’s still in “daddy mode” whenever he talks about his little girl. On the bad guys side, you have a goat mafia don, his faithful servant with a burlap bag over his head, his female assistant, and his doctor helper. The humor come from a lot of things, some of it which is homoerotic (well, in that guys pet each other a lot). Just take my word for it, if your looking for a truly non sensical anime, this is it.

Cons: I for one could not follow the plot. In fact, shame on this anime for trying to have a plot. In the show, their is an organization called NORA, which consist mainly of ex-werewolf cops. It seems that the Japanese government was experimenting with such a thing. Anyway, Nora is equally as silly as the boys and girls at the goat mafia and detective agency. Except for one episode, Ep.8B and 9A, which showcase the backstory for Somei, Cuticle detective’s father. This episode was waaaay too dark for this series, and seriously stuck out like a sore thumb. Again, shame on this anime for trying to have a plot. Shame.

Watch it?: Yes, goat yes. (4/5)

MVP: Yuta


Her constant attemps to kill Ogino were hilarious

Best Episode: Ep. 3A “The Chocolate Enchantment Case” (chocolate!)

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