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I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job.

Type: Don’t make sentences your title


Synopsis: The year is…you know what? I don’t know what the year is. I guess it’s whatever year after the Demon Lord was defeated. This left the RPG like “Heroes” out of a job. Now derelict, one would be Hero got a reluctantly got job in retail. Where he’s surrounded by pretty anime girls. Who all have a crush on him. And wind up naked for one reason or another….I don’t know if I should feel sorry for him, or hate his guts.

Pros: This anime touches upon two important and surprising topics. First, it deals with is working in a small shop and having to compete with big mega stores. Anyone who has ever had a job, retail or otherwise, can sympathize with Raul and Phino. Having to learn the job rules, having to be nice to customers, having to deal with special events. Second, it sorta deals with the status of veterans. In the show, Raul was a trained “hero” who lost him purpose when the war against he Demon Kind ended. With nowhere left to go, he got a not-so-glamorous job. Raul, and other heroes depicted, feel out of place in peace time, with no real direction. Again, the title of the show has the word “reluctantly.” A part of him wishes he was still fighting. It may not have been an intentional thing, but I feel it does touch upon veteran life after war, especially since so many of today’s vet’s are young men and women. I also liked the setting of the show. A modernized RPG-like world was interesting, with monster becoming pests, and magical items turning into regular appliances. I also found Phino’s demon humor very funny.

Cons: This is a boob show. Let’s get that right out in the open. Phino has her boobs out on a regular basis. A third of the cast is very bouncy. Don’t let the opening fool you. The animation quality dips after the first episode. While the subplot of the show juggles the Store aspects and Raul’s Hero status, the main plot revolves around Phino’s hijinks as a rookie salesmen with big boobs. I doesn’t always pull it off. I also felt that this show was slooooooow. It’s based on a light novel, which usually produce not-so-quick stories. The show could have used less characters. Nova in particular seemed superfluous. The ending was also off. It didn’t feel earned, as the events were never alluded to. And the Amada Store arc is never quiet resolved, is it? I wasn’t a fan of Raul being criticized for “not following his dream” of being a hero. Mostly because THE WAR WAS OVER. He didn’t have a choice. It’s like hating someone for not following his dream of being a VHS salesmen. I suppose he could have just become a cop. Which begs the question, why didn’t he become a cop? He’s described as having high marks in Hero School. He’s skills are still good. Why not? I’m sure there are pretty anime girls at the precinct too.

Watch it?: I worked retail for 2 day. I would have stayed if there had been anime girls. (3/5)

MVP: Phino


Tremble at the low prices!!

Best Episode: Ep.11 “I Couldn’t Become a Hero, but now I’m Going to Rescue the Demon Lord’s Daughter” (hey, the budget!)

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Tokyo Ghoul

Type: Sigh, alright, so this is happening


Synopsis: Kaneki is dating this smoking hottie, until she decides to make him a smoking hottie, by literally cooking and eating him. Well, technically, she wants to eat him raw, but you get the ideal. She’s a “Ghoul,” which is basically a cannibal with super powers. She dies, Kaneki becomes Ghoul, and he spends the next 11 episodes being a big cry baby about it.

Pros: Tokyo Ghoul was apparently one of the big anime of 2014. It got all the good review for it’s impressive animation and gory fight scenes. It deals with things like violence, and survival, and the moral grey that make up human souls. In the show, Ghouls semi-hunted down by humans, and Ghouls semi-hunt down humans for food. We’re suppose to sympathize for the “vegetarian” Ghouls who try their best to live in peace. All well and good.

Cons: KANEKI IS A B#$%. He’s always crying about something. STOP CRYING! Another character I hated was Nishiki Nishio, a real asshole of a ghoul that the show refuses to kill. Kaneki had a chance to kill the monster, but REFUSED. GOD KANEKI, WHY DO YOU SUCK SO HARD. I know Kaneki changes, but the entire show reeks of the nihilistic “nice guys finish last” mentality. As usual, I liked the moral grey between humans and Ghouls, but it was nothing new to the Human vs. Monster troupe. I’m also unclear about how well known Ghouls are in this world. The human’s have an extermination squad, but the Ghoul community seems healthy enough to build an underground society. Thinking about it, I would have preferred for Touka to be the protagonist. She’s seemed more competent.

Watch it?: Man, this was not my type of show (4/5)

MVP: Shou


He’s so delightful

Best Episode: Ep.1 “Tragedy” (actually, not that sad)

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Ore Monogatari!!

Type: So Rinko’s totally dead, right?

[HorribleSubs] Ore Monogatari!! - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_04.41_[2015.05.01_11.29.45]

Synopsis: This story is about the coolest MF’er in town dating the sweetest cinnamon bun in creation.

Pros: This is an incredibly endearing love story. It basically follows the relationship between Takeo, a giant of a teenage man, and Rinko Yamato, as very nice girl (who sometimes verges on being too vanilla). The show follows basic romantic-comedy troupes, wherein each of the couple’s romantic milestones are riddled with comedic situations. For example, Yamato’s confession of love happened while Takeo was hiding under the bed. While one may find some these moments cliche and familiar, the show elevates itself by accomplishing two very important tasks. First, it establishes Takeo as a genuinely good person whose abnormal size keeps him from dating girls. Seriously, the guys a teddy bear who happens to be incredibly awesome. Second, it establishes that Rinko is truly attracted to Takeo, both emotionally and physically. The latter was a surprising aspect of the show, as most anime don’t allow “pure” characters like Rinko to find anything about a man sexy. But we do get a few episodes where Rinko finds Takeo’s large frame pretty hot. You know what they say about big hands, shoulders, feet, lips, hearts and all. Unsurprisingly, the main couple make the show way more enjoyable than if would be without them. I’d also like to give big props to Suna for basically getting these two dopes together. The dude puts so much time into their relationship.

Cons: As mentioned above, looking at this show objectively, you will notice classic romance and comedy troupes. Whether it be love rivals, moments of doubt, or simple misunderstanding. However, I am happy to report that the show never resorts to heavy melodrama. Most of the conflict is relatively light, though as you get more into it you’ll notice a serious lack of stakes involved. You never truly feel that Takeo’s and Yamato’s relationship is in any danger. I mean, I’m grateful, because I don’t want any to happen to my OTP, but others might dislike this. I also found most of the supporting cast outside of Takeo and Yamato’s flock of friends boring. I truly did not care about Suna’s Sister’s Stalker/College Friend, or Suna’s Not-Girlfriend, or Yamato’s Weird Boss. Takeo’s would be student was OK, but she disappears after a while. In fact, most new character disappear after a while. Classic Arc-Specific Character Syndrome. And, what’s up with Suna.? Why’s he always hanging around? And what’s with all the catchphrases. I mean, come on!  If I hear one of “Suki da” or “Yokatta” or “Kakkoii” I am going to throw a thesaurus at my computer. Also, I’m not sure if there’s going to be a second season, BUT THERE SHOULD BE. I WANT TO SEE GRANDCHILDREN.

Watch it?: Best Love-Comedy in a While (4/5)

MVP: Takeo Goda


I want this guy to be my brother, and my friend, and my lover

Best Episode: Ep.4 “My Boyfriend” (Takeo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Type: Phantom Blood (ep01-09), Battle Tendencies (ep10-26)


Synopsis: Part 1 stars an Englishman and his fight with his mean step-brother. Part 2 stars his grandson’s battles against old exhibitionists. I-I don’t know what so “bizzare” about it.

Pros: This anime is based on the extremely popular manga, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. The manga has like a billion chapters and has been running for 30 years. So why haven’t you heard about it? Well, it lacks some of the cross-promotional appeal for the big North American distributers. Plus, the author likes to name his characters after Musicians, which is legally tricky as well. Oh yeah, and it’s f#$ing nuts! A guy popped out of a horse body once, and that was only episode 4! That being said, this adaptation of Jojo is amazing. It perfectly captures the weird and awesomely glam aspects of the manga. The animation style and color pallet really made it seem like you were watching the manga come to life. The gimmick behind the franchise, and the reason why it’s lasted so long, is because the series follows succeeding members of the “Joestar” family. Part 1 (my favorite arc) follows the noble Jonathan Joestar and his rivalry with Dio Brandon, one of the best antagonists of the series, and a complete asshole. In fact, part 1 has the strongest first episodes I’ve seen for a series in a while, almost serving as a stand alone story. Part 2 follows Jonathan’s grandson Joseph, whose more cocky and clever (and my personal favorite Joestar, and the only Joestar to survive to old age).  This anime was partly done in honor of Jojo’s 25th anniversary, and sorta works as a prequel to the 90’s adaptation of Part 3, which is most fan’s favorite story arc. So it has some noltalgia points there. Honestly, this is an amazing adaptation of a legendary manga series.

Cons: While I loved the animation style used, some people may find it a bit blocky. Inspired by manga panels, a lot of shots use freeze frames and close-ups. This doesn’t always translate well. Ditto for the dialogue. There a points in fights, especially in ep. 10-26, where a characters will give exposition for a particular move used, explaining it’s purpose and strategy. “Joseph just did X because of Y!” This is fine for a manga, but in an anime, it’s better to just show, not tell. And while the franchise is know for it’s offbeat humor and unique characters and situations, it’s still a fight-fight shoen anime. So you still get the fight arc, the training arc, the rematch arc, etc.

Watch it?: You need to experience Jojo at least once (5/5)

MVP: Dio Brandon



Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Dio the Invader” (it’s like Jane Austen, but with punching)

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