Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel [Naruto Movie Month]

tType: So Europe exists?


Synopsis: Mission 2-Return a Ferret

Cons: So yeah, this movie is predictable. It’s also a bit slow. The movie has high and low moments of action, with the low moments meant to flesh out Temujin. But again, this doesn’t really work. Temujin just comes off as wooden. Separating Naruto from the other ninja just makes his flaws more pronounced. And while the action looked good, I wasn’t all that invested. The addition of the Sand ninja was cool, I guess. They didn’t really do much. For me, the most interesting part was the idea of some sort of European country existing in the Naruto world. Because it once again makes the Naruto world even more convoluted by implying that Europe is also still Feudal, but has steam punk inspired tech. What are the rules of this crazy world!? The use of Knights as villains was also one of the few instances where a bunch of 12 year olds fighting full grown adults didn’t come off as ludicrous. Because the Knights were fighting 12 years old Ninjas. The movie does a good job at showcasing the character’s skills by juxtaposing them with regular people. It’s just too bad it happened in a forgettable film.

Best Naruto Movie?: No

Villain: Master Haido


Forgettable villain #2

Best Moment: The Sakura cave “fight” (it just looked really smooth)

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