Naruto Shippuden the Movie [Naruto Movie Month]

Type: Everyone’s hit puberty!


Synopsis: Mission 4- Bodyguard a Priestess

Pros: Obviously, the big thing about this movie is that it’s the first that takes place in Part 2, or the Shippuden saga of Naruto. Fun fact, I think Shippuden means Hurricane Chronicles (I think). Anyway, my favorite part of the film has always been the beginning, which shows Naruto’s funeral after a failed mission. While we all know Naruto isn’t going to die, its a nice reminder of what he means to the other characters. By this point, Naruto is no longer the loud loner, he’s a friend to many. The movie follows Naruto, Sakura, Neji, and everyone’s favorite, Rock Lee. Lee has the best fight in the movie, though he and Neji’s roles aren’t all that important in the end. Neither is Sakura’s. The new movie character in this is a teenage Priestess named Shion, Shion’s alright, a but snooby, but alright. Her relationship with Naruto was a bit interesting, implying that he may be what would consider “cute.” More research is needed.

Cons: I mean, the prophesied death of Naruto is a fake out. Everyone outside of Naruto is just there to fill out a team. The bad guy isn’t memorable, proven by the fact that I can’t actually recall his name of motivation. The story felt a bit rushed, but in fairness, the whole plot was about getting Shion to her destination as fast as possible. I also found it weird that at the end, Shion wasn’t really needed to defeat the big bad at then end, despite that being her primary role and reason for existence. But I guess even she is not match of Naruto the all powerful protagonist.

Top 5 Naruto Movie?: Yes

Villain: Moryo


Forgettable Villain #4

Best Moment: Shion blushing a Naruto’s glistening hair (Honorable mention at the end where Shion asks Naruto to father her children)

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