Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie [Naruto Movie Month]

Type: Naruto of Two Worlds


Synopsis: Mission 9- Return to Reality

Pros: I loved this movie! Hands down the best Naruto movie I’ve seen thus far (I got 2 to go). The gimmick of the film is that Naruto and Sakura are transported into a parallel world. Everyone they know has opposite personalities or traits in some way. Hinata is brash, Choji is skinny, Tsunade is flat chested, etc. This aspect of the movie is rife with comedic moments and really makes up for the very serious Blood Prison. The other half of the movie, however, is a much more personal story. Because in the parallel world, both of Naruto’s parents are alive. Naruto’s emotional conflict over whether or not to embrace his alternate mother and father really reminds you that Naruto’s life is pretty tragic . He is, after all, a character that grew up an orphan and is only 16 at this point. The kid’s all by himself, which you sometimes forget given all the crazy ninja stuff that surrounds him (it also doesn’t help that the movie shows the death scene of Naruto’s parents, literally the saddest moment in the whole franchise and fiction in general). So it was nice to see how Naruto’s parents would treat him if they were still alive. The film’s a very intimate story, centering on the main cast dynamics and history, which are often the best Naruto stories. (On a side note, I also really loved the relationship shown between Naruto and Sakura. Not only because it’s a rare platonic male-female friendship in anime, but because, when you really think about it, Sakura is Naruto’s Best Friend. She’s stuck by him since the age of 12, and has literally saved his life on multiple occasions. Screw Sasuke, give Sakura a damn BFF bracelet!)

Cons: Not a lot of action. The film is surprisingly devoid of great fights scenes. I kept expecting for Naruto do preform some jutsu and everyone saying “hey wait a minute, Menma can’t do that!” Even the big battle between Naruto and the antagonist was resolved with one punch. In fact, the animation in this was unimpressive, and felt very much like it was made on a budget. The story was great, but this film was clearly made specifically for Naturo fans. The uninitiated may need to do some homework to enjoy it. And again, the antagonist was nothing special. If you don’t guess it early enough, he’s the “evil” version of Naruto. Why exactly he’s evil given the fact that his parents are alive, or why no one notices that he’s been missing, is never explained. And lastly, it does make me smirk that his all started because Naruto and Sakura were acting like sh#tty teens and complaining about parents and stuff. Again, it is sometimes easy to forget exactly how young they really are in the story.

Best Naruto Movie: Yes

Villain: Menma


Forgettable Villain #9

Best Moment: The Hidden Leaf 11’s bath scene (I love it when all 11 get together. Plus, hijinks!)

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