+Tic Elder Sister

Type: Basically all I need


Synopsis: Three girls hand out in a club and laugh at each other’s misfortune. It’s hilarious.

Pros: This anime is right up my alley. It’s an upsurdist gag comedy revolving around three high school girls. The jokes are hilarious, and is really something you need to see rather than it be explained to you. I mean, this show is most famous for two things: that time one of the characters put a school bag between her legs for revenge, and the time they imagined confessing to a boy by shaking their booty’s at him. Plus, the whole thing is like, 30 minutes.

Cons: Some of the humor is, well, I wouldn’t say “crude,” but it may push some buttons. It’s not like the girls are hateful to each other. Let me just say this, some of the jokes come from the behavior that you expect from teenage friends. Maybe “ribbing” is the best way to describe it. There was also this one character, a slightly overweight character, that was made the butt of the joke in two scenes for thinking she was pretty and graceful, if conceited. That came off as kind of mean in hindsight.

Watch it: I’m looking up the manga RIGHT NOW. (4/5)

MVP: Iroe Genma


The best expressions

Best Episode: The whole season (it’s half an hour)

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