Real Talk on Popular Anime (5 year Anniversary)


Ok, it’s been five years. Time to stop playing nice, and start getting REAL. Here are by subjective, totally personal, should not be construed as actual basis for quality/these anime are probably super great and I just have bad taste, opinions. Get ready for some truthfacts!



Short Version: The manga half sucks

Long Version: Akira is one of those things where the source material is far out preformed by it’s media. Because I do not like the Akira manga. Because the Akira manga tries too hard to make Kanada a viable protagonist. But he’s not. He’s a bratty, selfish, and annoying punk. He dies halfway through, which was awesome, but he’s then brought back, which is not awesome. The movie has the benefit of a two hour time span, so a lot of the Kanada stuff is cut out. (P.s. I also found the ending unsettling, as I believe that the revival of any “Empire” is a bad idea).

Cowboy Bebop

Short Version: I find it kinda boring

Long Version: Despite having the word “Cowboy” in it, Cowboy Bebop is more of a Noir story than a Western. Everyone is running away from their past. One’s a criminal. One’s a former cop. One’s a femme fetale. One’s an Ed. Etc. And that’s fine. That’s all well and good. But I have never liked Noir stories because they are too slow, too subtle, and ultimately don’t really get resolved. Bebop is fine. It’s enjoyable at moments. But I never found it to be the great showcase of pacing and character development that others have claimed it to be.



Short Version: Doesn’t hold up.

Long Version: Everyone is horrible in this. Which is the point. I get that. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re being asked to spend 25+ episodes with these people. Look, I understand that this anime speak to people’s darker feelings. Anxiety, depression, anger, all real and viable emotions. The real issue is that I don’t think Eva is going to hold up as well as other popular anime. It’s already been criticized by people who watched it years after their 13th birthday. Eva is kinda like high school poetry. It’s really deep when your in the moment, but it just seems silly the farther away you get from it.

Dragon Ball Z


Short Version: It’s pretty stupid.

Long Version: It’s pretty stupid. The story is nonsensical. Characters are used, dropped, and forgotten. Goku hogs the spotlight way too much. But it has laser fighting. So it balances out.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Short Version:…it’s pretty solid.

Long Version: Brotherhood is actually….actually pretty great. The pilot is probably the worst part, only because it’s an original story. But yeah, the anime works well. It has good action. Good character works. It manages to dodge the classic shoen troupes. Yes, there are some story lines that I liked better in the original 2003 anime, but that’s apples and oranges. You should probably watch this.

5 “Unpopular” Things That I Like A Lot

  1. Batman v Superman
  2. Mass Effect 3’s Ending
  3. LBJ’s Presidency
  4. Pineapple Pizza
  5. The Simpsons After Season 09


2 thoughts on “Real Talk on Popular Anime (5 year Anniversary)

  1. Karandi says:

    I kind of agree with you on Cowboy Bebop. It is one of those shows endlessly talked up and people always stare at me when I point out I didn’t watch every episode because I got bored and started skipping parts, but I just didn’t click with it. Then again, I did watch it a long time ago when I was still fairly new to anime so I’d probably have more patience for it today.

    • lexor831 says:

      Totally agree. Bebop’s a well made show, but it didn’t hit me at the right time in my life. I think that a big factor in liking a peice of media is when you watch it. You can still appreciate it’s quality and influence, but you may not find it entertaining.

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