Top 5 Anime I Reviewed in This Year Awards [ 2018 Christmas Special!]

Preface: Welcome to the first annual Top 5 Anime I Reviewed in 2018 Awards!! To clarify, these awards are for the top 5 anime I reviewed in 2018. These are not for the best anime the premiered in 2018, nor the best anime I necessarily watched in 2018. These are the awards for anime whose review happen to fall in 2018. Did that make sense? Because I don’t think it did. Let’s do it!

5. Dagashi Kashi

One of the more pleasant surprises this year was reviewing Dagashi Kashi. A show about penny candy/fan service, it was a show that I enjoyed from beginning to end. It was kinda all l wanted from a comedy: short segments, low-stakes, humorous situations, and the occasional fan service joke. A great laugh overall!

4. My Hero Academia (Season 3)

As my review will read, I believe that My Hero Academia Season 3 is the best entry into the series so far. It builds more of the world, it present new and interesting situations for the characters to overcome, and it directly addresses the concept of inspiration. Being a big superhero nerd, it touched on a lot of the themes and story troupes that I believe are crucial for a superhero story. Can’t wait for the next season!

3. SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Now we enter some of my more bases interests. While I do like a good narrative and purposeful themes, there are times when I just need a good ol’ fashion dirty joke. And man did this anime deliver. Shimoneta did exactly what it set out to do, which is to make as many boob and sex jokes as the censors would allow. I know that not everyone is down with this side of the anime industry, but well done sex comedies can be just as enthralling as layered dramas. And you can quote me on that.

2. Rumbling Hearts

Speaking of layered dramas. Ooph, did this anime pack a punch. Not since Clannad: After Story did I get so emotionally invested in an anime drama. And it’s not even that good! There are too may useless characters, the ending is problamatic, and some of the characters are unlikable. But it HOOKED me, ya know? I think this was because it mainly dealt with adults (22-23 year olds), who had to deal with regret, and desire, and sadness, and a future they are not sure about. Most anime don’t really deal with this kind of intimate story during this specific age range. It was an honest surprise who much I enjoyed it, and I hope I get to feel that again someday.

1. Pop Team Epic

I feel that a lot of these awards going forward are going to reveal a lot about my tastes in fiction. So it’s only appropriate that we circle back to a comedy as the best thing I reviewed this year. Dagashi Kashi was a solid slice-of-life comedy. Shinometa was a great sex joke. My Hero Academia was inspiring. Rumbling Hearts was emotional. But Pop Team Epic? Pop Team Epic was weird as f#$k! And that’s why it was the best! Because it was unique. A one of the kind show that will not, and probably should not, be attempted again. It was the meme anime for the Meme Generation. And I loved it! Anyone who watches any type of medium consistently knows that after a while, things start to stagnate. It’s not that the new shows are bad, it’s that after watching hundreds of hours, the shows don’t have the same impact as when you started out. You start to see certain tricks more. Certain troupes more. Certain endings more. So when something like Pop Team Epic comes along, you get that spark again like when everything was new. Was this the best anime of 2018? No. Was it the best anime I’ve every watched? No. But it was the best anime I happened to write a review for during 2018.

Bonus: Other Stuff I liked This Year

5. DBZ Abridged Episode 60 (Part 1, 2, 3)

4. “This is America” Music Video by Childish Gambino

3. Black Panther

2. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

1.The Super Best Friends Youtube Channel/Podcast (R.I.P.)

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