Dr. Stone

Type: Oh yeah, get excited

Synopsis: For some reason, a story about using science to save humanity after a cataclysmic event really resonated with me.

Pros: Dr. Stone is one of the new hot shonen properties to hit the anime market. It about a boy genius, Dexter, I mean Jimmy Neutron, I mean Senku Ishigami, who uses science in a primitive future. The set-up is that something caused all of humanity to petrify, with Senku and friends being freed about 3,700 years in the future. In addition, Senku and friends accidentally free Shishio, a Nietzschian ubermensch who refuses to revive the older generation and their corrupt society. This disagreement eventually evolves into a “Stone War” between Senki’s Kingdom of Science and Shishio’s Empire of Might. At least that’s what the anime leads up to. This first season only depicts the early parts of the manga, so no Stone War yet. There are three things that I think make this show really appealing. First, Senku’s faith in the power of science was actually inspiring. Though Senku does play up the “crazy scientist” role a little, his view of science as a positive force for humanity was great to hear.  Not to ruin the illusion, but I’m writing this during the Corona pandemic, so seeing a story play up the heroic aspects of science is kinda what I need right now. And I’m guessing some people feel the same way. Second, the anime is very bingeable. It was created in that old school style where certain stories take 2-3 episodes to resolve. While this might be a way to stretch out the plot for the manga’s benefit, it also allowed the anime to breath a little. I’m not gonna lie, some of the story beats between Senku and his dad made me tear up. Third, and this might be just me, but I like the manga artist’s Boichi’s character designs. I know that the internet got a kick out of some of the female characters eyeball distances (specifically Kohaku and Ruri), but you get use to it. I liked Boichi’s work on Sun-Ken Rock and Wallman, so I’m glad his finally hitting the big time.

Cons: As stated above, the show is a little old school and there are some questionable character design choices. Yes, the eye ball thing between Kohaku and Ruri is a thing. I got use to it, but my tolerance for bad animation is very high. Though I did notice that a lot of the female characters are usually posed in some suggestive ways. Just look up “Ruri drinking medicine” to see what I mean. Pacing wise, the anime seems to adopt a mid-2000’s philosophy, so stories are a little stretched out. I liked it because it kept me hooked for the next episode, but other might view it as a tease. This is clearly a TV anime. You might also have to turn off your critical thinking off, because there are some convenient plot points here. Putting some of the science stuff aside, the fact that a super genius and ultraman both lived in the same era, went to the same high school, and whose statues survived long enough to revive is stretching it a little. But logic and a good story don’t always mix. And the catch phrases. Oi, just try not to let them get you down. It’s a good show, I swear.

Watch it?: Right now, I need to believe in science heroes (4/5)

MPV: The power of science!

Stay safe out there!

Best Episode: Ep.15-17 The Hundred Tales mini-arc (To Senku)

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