Top 5 Anime for Grown-Ups

By “grown-ups” I’m not saying that adults can’t like anime with certain age groups in them. I just thought that “grown-ups” a better word than “Mature.” Because “mature” now means anything with sex, violence, and cursing. Basically a kid’s idea of what adulthood is. That being said, here are 5 anime that grown-ups would enjoy that might have some sex, violence, and cursing. Viewer discretion is adviced. 

Rumble Hearts

This might not be the most sophisticated anime out there, but dammit it if it’s not enthralling. Rumble Hearts is basically a soap opera. Which is rare because anime tends to lean towards teen melodrama. Rumble Hearts is about a young couple whose relationship is shaken to the core by the return of their childhood friend. The reason why I recommend Rumble Hearts is because the show depicts the impact of an emotional affair very well. The characters all make mistakes, do things they are not proud of, and only get a resolution by acknowledging their feelings. It’s poignant, with just the right amount of nudity.


So it turns out that you need money to live. Funny that. Most adults get money by doing a job. Whether you like your job or not is often secondary. But it helps if you have cool people around you. What Aggretsuko does is depict what it’s like to work in the real world. The good and the bad. Her boss is a pig, her supervisor is a snake, and she uses heavy metal as an outlet. Meanwhile she’s also trying to deal with the pressures of getting married, possibly getting into a different career, and just living her life. At least she has being a stone cold fox going for her.

The Helpful Fox Senko-San

Speaking of foxes, here’s something no one tells you as you get older: you get very tired at the end of the day. And it ain’t cause you get older. It’s cause the overwhelming pressure of the world bears down on you with all it’s might. So at the end of the day you might not feel your brightest. In these instances, it’s important to remember that one of the many things you are responsible for is yourself. Give yourself an extra hour of sleep, play a video game, watch that movie, or like the protagonist of this anime, get a helpful fox spirit to pamper you with her floofy tail. It’s still easier than making tofu.


Honestly, I just added Moribito because its a solid anime. A great mix of pacing, character work, action, and drama. The protagonist is an actual adult you can believe in. Her cool under pressure demeanor doesn’t stop her from empathizing with her young charge. Her emotional maturity helps her take care of someone younger. It’s the type of quality programing you get when your first priority is making a good story, not appealing to the least common denominator.

Spice and Wolf

But you know what’s something we can all agree on? The people that are interested in the economy are old men and ancient demi-gods. At least, that’s what it always seem like. This anime is about a merchant traveling the country with a fox spirit, making deals and exploring the nuances of pre-industrial economics. It’s also a fun depiction of a flirtation involving older people instead of high school kids. I mean sure, Holo looks like a high school kid, but anime never claimed to be perfect.

Bonus: Top 5 “Mature” Anime (that are actually pretty good)

High School of the Dead

Black Lagoon

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Devilman Crybaby

Psycho Pass (Season 1)

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