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I’m So Sorry, but….Best Anime of the 2010’s [7th Anniversary Special]

Intro: I know, but can you, I mean, geez. Yeah, ok, I get it. Let’s just, let’s just get through this together. Continue reading


Top 5 Anime I Reviewed in This Year Awards [ 2018 Christmas Special!]

Preface: Welcome to the first annual Top 5 Anime I Reviewed in 2018 Awards!! To clarify, these awards are for the top 5 anime I reviewed in 2018. These are not for the best anime the premiered in 2018, nor the best anime I necessarily watched in 2018. These are the awards for anime whose review happen to fall in 2018. Did that make sense? Because I don’t think it did. Let’s do it!

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Harem Anime: An exploration of Anime Sexual Cooperatives in 20th Century Social Consciousness [6 Year Anniversary]

Or, “Why anime nerds like shows about one dude getting with a bunch of hot chicks, and what makes for a good never-in-a-millions years, grow out of this adolescent fantasy, visit Utah: it’s not that great, harem show.” Continue reading

5 Things I learned because of Anime [Anniversary Bonus]

It’s funny. You’d think that after watching anime for five years, I’d learn more things. Yet, here I am. (I’m just kidding. I’ve learned a lot, but want to keep the 5 theme going). Continue reading

Real Talk on Popular Anime (5 year Anniversary)


Ok, it’s been five years. Time to stop playing nice, and start getting REAL. Here are by subjective, totally personal, should not be construed as actual basis for quality/these anime are probably super great and I just have bad taste, opinions. Get ready for some truthfacts! Continue reading

“Must See” Anime of the Last 10 Years [4 Years Anniversary]


Another anniversary, and another struggle to think of something neat to do. I can’t do my favorite anime again, and I’m not desperate enough for “Top 10 Side-Boob in Anime” (that’s the 13th anniversary). So instead, I’ll talk about something I’ve noticed in my years¬† of anime viewing. And that’s those “must see” anime that seem to pop up every year. Now, is this just me naming well known anime for an easy list that’s mostly click-bait? You bet it is. Enjoy! Continue reading

Throwback Reviews- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!


These special reviews were written a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and were my first attempt at “comedy reviews.” They are written in the voice of a older and disgruntled mother. Continue reading


So Its Come To This…Top 10 Favorite Anime [3 Year Anniversary]


Yep.¬†Three years in and the first Top 10 list shows up. Pretty soon, the whole site will be nothing but personal rants and misspelling…This year, Top 10 Favorite Anime, A.K.A. My favorites are better than your. Just kidding. (I’m not kidding). Continue reading

Liebster Award


O.k. screw it. New rule. If I get nominated for an “award” multiple times, I’ll concede and do the thing. If you don’t like it, you can blame Medieval Otoku and Mocorochi for thinking I’m good enough to be given an award. CURSE THOSE BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS!! Continue reading