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Fatal Fury: Legend of The Hungry Wolf [Fighting Game Week]

Type: No Mai, No Buy


Synopsis: Back in the day there use to be this thing called the “Fighting Game by SNK.” It was an alternative to the popular Street Fighter series for those who liked their fighting games with rolling dashes. This anime is an adaptation of SNK’s very first fighter, Fatal Fury, which sadly has no Mai Shiranui, and no Mai, no buy.

Pros: Ya know, these early 90’s Fatal Fury movies are starting to grow on me. I’m actually getting into the story of Terry, Andy, and Joe. And I don’t know anything about Fatal Fury! I actually know anything about the larger King of Fighters universe. But as a layman, I’m really digging these films. The plot of straight forward: a businessman called Geese Howard kills the father of two boys, who sweat to become strong enough to avenge their dad. After 10 years, the boys reunite and compete over who inherits the final technique from their master. Along the way, the befriend Joe the Mui Tai boxer. The film is dumb, and silly, but you’ll enjoy it in a ” c-movie rental” kinda way.

Cons: The animation’s bad. The dialogue is bad. The story is ill paced. The freaking fighting is bad! Why do fighting game anime always have bad fighting scenes!? For the life of me, I’ll never understand that. This film is, by all accounts, a bargain basement movie. You can point to so many bad things in this: Joe’s sudden inclusion into the cast, Terry’s tacked on love interest, that love interest’s cliche death, Terry implied to be the “hungry wolf” despite getting the final technique because he can control his emotions. Geese choosing not to hire people to simply shoot Terry and Andy, etc, etc. You could probably have a pretty fun night pointing out the bad things in this movie.

Watch it?: It’s bad, but fun bad.

MVP: Terry Bogart


Kick Back!

Best Moment: Terry and Andy wearing the same outfits they had as children (meaning that actively sought out and bought the same outfits for 10 years)

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Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Totally New to Me


Synopsis: vs. Just a Good Ol’ Boy

Pros: Well, I’ve never actually seen this one, so that’s pretty cool. The movie is one big fight story take takes place right at the beginning of the Android 17 and 18 Saga. Gero is killed, and his super computer decides to build 3 new androids. He makes one of them a Southener for some reason. I actually think this makes Android 13 stand out a bit more from the other generic movie villains. Plus, hey, Trunks is in this one!

Cons: Again, one big fight movie. No real plot to speak of. Like Cooler’s Revenge, this one is mostly about bad guys specifically out to kill Goku. And also like Cooler’s Revenge, Android 13 becomes less special once he transforms into his second form, which is a weird blue guy for some reason. Now, I wasn’t kidding above, the English Dub literally makes Android 13 a stereotypical redneck who keeps referring to the Monkey Man raised in the mountains as a “City Slicker” (I get the feeling the English crew were having a little fun). I disliked the fact that Trunks is relatively weak in this film, getting his ass kicked by the androids for a bit. I was always under the impression that during the Android/Cell Arc, he was second only to Goku in strength. I’ve always liked the idea that Hybrid-Saiyans are stronger than Pure Blooded Saiyans. Also, Purple or not, Android 15 is still totally racist.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No.

Villain: Android 13


Never meaning no harm.

Best Moment: “Don’t lecture me with your 30 dollar haircut!” -Android 13 (why!? just, why?)

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Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler

Type: Hey, its Vegeta!


Synopsis: vs. Mecha-Freiza’s cooler brother

Pros: Once again, Cooler returns to be a very cool villain. This time, he’s in Mecha (Cyber?) form. The premise is that Cooler has taken over Namek, and it’s up to Goku and friends to save the day. The movie is really two giant fights. One against Cooler’s Robot army, and another against Cooler himself. This time, however, Vegeta joins in for the first time! He’s such an asshole, I love it! The movie does an very good job selling Cooler as an unstoppable force, as both Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan form cannot best him in a fight. A very good sequel.

Cons: Again, no real plot. It’s basically a rehash of a the Namek arc, but with Cooler this time. It’s really just a giant fight movie. I’m not crazy about Cooler’s mecha form, but I do appreciate that it’s suppose to be a much sleeker version of Freiza’s mecha form. For the funny, this is the movie were Cooler’s robots can only be beat by hitting them really, really hard. One more thing, Vegeta show up right? Up it’s never explained why he shows up. He didn’t travel with Goku. He didn’t immediately follow Goku. He just shows up. What kinda lazy writing is that!?

Top 10 DBZ movie?: Yes

Villains: Metal-Cooler


I now know why you laser fight, but it is something I can never do

Best Moment: Goku and Vegeta fighting together (they’re such a cute couple!)

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Sailor Moon (Season One)

Type: O.G. Pretty Soldiers


Synopsis: I normally don’t do super popular anime, but dammit, I finally know what Sailor Moon is about! A long time ago, the Moon Princess and her friends are sent to Earth after her Kingdom is destroyed by the evil Queen Beryl. Years later, the Moon Princess is reincarnated as a young girl named Serena and given the ability to turn into “Sailor Moon” by a talking cat named Luna. Together, they reassemble the “Sailor Scouts” and fight Queen Beryl and her evil henchmen.

Pros: Although I’m the right age, I missed Sailor Moon the first time around because I didn’t have cable. But I did watch the Power Rangers, and this is basically the same thing. Just look at the story structure: One or more of the Scouts are doing something, the bad guys crash their activity, then someone throws a tiara and the day is saved. This would have made for great after school TV (though I wouldn’t recommend binge watching). It’s funny, in that early 90’s English dubbed anime way. I mean, why does Serena’s school friend have a Brooklyn accent? Better question, why weren’t their more random accents! I also liked that Serana was kinda a clutz and not a natural at the who hero thing. It made her relatable.

Cons: The show is repetitive, though I can’t say whether that’s due to North American editing or not. That’s right, I watched the old-school English version of Sailor Moon, end credit PSA’s and everything. I can tell you this much, Goku never told me that jealousy made people act differently. The more you know, I guess. I should add that this show is pretty girly. I mean, it was made specifically for girls, so that’s not really a negative. But I was confused over the common plot of these–middle school girls? high school?–dating clearly adult men. Maybe that’s a girl thing.

Watch it?: You really need to know what your missing (4/5) 

MVP: Serena


I refuse to call her Usagi.

Best Episode: Ep. 31 “A Reluctant Princess” (Serena got real for a minute there)

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Yu Yu Kakusho: Ghost Files

Type: Spirit Detective


Synopsis: Yusuke Urameshi is the local youth failure when he dies after saving a kid from being run over. Heaven, totally surprised by the one time in his life where Yusuke wasn’t a colossal loser, find out that he wasn’t scheduled to die yet. They give him another chance, send him a pretty grim reaper, and eventually hire him as a Spirit Detective. Of course, by Spirit Detective, I really mean private assassin.

Pros: Urameshi’s journey was very entertaining to watch. You really buy into the fact that he hasn’t had the easiest life, making him understandably emotionally distant. He plays the tough guy, but he actually cares deeply for his friends and allies. The show also did an interesting thing with the last three main antagonist, making each represent a different path Yosuke might travel down. His fighting style is also pretty cool. In fact, all the fighting scenes are pretty cool, especially during the Dark Tournament Arc. Urameshi and the demon Hiei definitely had the best fights.

Cons: The title of the show might confuse you. Despite being  a “Spirit Detective,” Yusuke doesn’t really investigate a whole lot. He does, like, three actual cases, and the rest of the series is just fighting tournaments. So don’t look for anything impressive in terms of plot. Don’t get me wrong, the fights are fun, but some of the opponent’s power’s are random. The series never really explains how “Demon World” works, or why some demons look like monster, while others look like humans. Well, they do explain about the Three Emperors who rule the worlds, but that’s wasn’t enough. The show also doesn’t hit it’s stride until the Dark Tournament Arc, and loses it’s fuel during the Demon World Tournament Arc.

Watch it?: Definitely the Dark Tournament Arc, but the rest is optional. (3/5)

MVP: Yosuke Urameshi


Ghost Cop.

Best Episode: Ep.64 “Toguro’s Desire” (Death is the final punch line)

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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Type: Comedy harem with space things and sometimes incest.


Synopsis: This guy named Tenchi Masaki is training to be a monk or something when he accidentally frees a demon who turns out to be an alien girl. Later he finds out that the girl, named Ryoko, is actually a wanted space pirate. Add two space princesses, a space scientist, and a space cop, and you have the basic premise.

Watch It?: Sure. (3/5)

Tenchi Muyo! is pretty funny for an early 1990’s harem. The animation won’t blow you away and the fan service is weak, but the characters are likable. The anime follows that traditional harem troupe of establishing a love triangle, then adding additional women for fun. The rivalry between Ryoko (space pirate) and Ayeka (space princess) is gold, and Mihoshi’s (space cop) blonde dummy act is priceless. The anime does fall victim to having a plot that only show’s up when it wants to, but given its OVA nature, that can be forgiven.

The one flaw that may turn you away is Tenchi Muyo!’s dance with the topic of incest. One of Tenchi’s main love interests is actually his great Aunt (did I mention that none of the aliens age? Cause that’s important) who was really eager to marry Tenchi’s grandfather (a.k.a. her brother). Not to mention that Tenchi’s own sister (who helped raise him) and his grandmother both seem to be warm for his form. But these incident are thankfully few and far between.

MVP: Ryoko

She’s brash, rude, and a drunk. What’s not to love!

Best Episode: Ep.1 Ryoko Resurrected (“You are one sexy demon” wink.)

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