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Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle [Fighting Game Week]



Synopsis: The fury has never been more fatal! Terry Bogart, fresh off this defeat of the man who killed his father, basks in the glory of victory by becoming a raging alcoholic. But he lost to some random stranger in shoulder pads, which makes it Ok to show your protagonist become a big baby over one lose.

Pros: It may have just been me, but the fighting in this was actually fairly decent. Not revolutionary, but mildly acceptable. Oh yeah, and Mai’s here! More Mai, more buys! But seriously, like it’s predecessor, the anime more or less adapts the plot of the game sequel. A villain named Krauser forces Terry, Andy, and Joe to reunite. There joined by Mai, a kunoichi whose in love with Andy. Now that I know that Andy was passed over by Terry as the successor of their martial art because Andy was too emotional, it makes his relationship with Mai make way more sense. The anime also throws in way more cameos from Fatal Fury mainstays, which was cool.

Cons: The kid character, Tony. Why. Just, why? Did Terry really need a sidekick who leaves his poor destitute single mother with no warning? Screw Tony. That aside, the anime itself fluxtuates in terms of animation quality, just like the other Fatal Fury films. And this time around, the Fatal Fury crew really don’t have a solid motivation to fight the antagonist. In Legend of the Hungry Wolf, they were getting revenge for the death of Terry and Andy’s father. In Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, they were literally saving the world. But here, Terry, Andy, and Joe are getting even for a fight that Terry lost. It kinda makes them seem like sore losers more than anything else. Especially as they treat Terry’s lose almost as importantly as Bogart Sr.’s death. (On a side note: What’s up with Joe’s misogyny? Is it a normal character trait? He straight up insults Mai in every scene they share. It’s like he’s offended that she has a vagina).

Watch it?: The Fatal Fury saga must be experienced

MVP: Terry Bogart


Dunk Terry is the best Terry

Best Moment: Terry plastered at the bat (I don’t know why I find this so amusing, but I do)

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Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: What if?


Synopsis: Days of Future Past

Pros: I would say that this special is the best Dragon Ball Z story in the franchise. And I’d hazard to guess that most fans wouldn’t disagree. Using the predictably popular “darkest timeline” troupe, this special explores a scenerio where Goku died prematurely, the Z fighters were all killed, and the world is at the mercy of two evil Android. The only heroes left are the a young Trunks and battle harded Gohan. This special had the first, and arguably best, iteration of an adult Gohan. Though nowhere near his power potential, the Gohan here is basically a more serious version of his father. A good soul, but a bit more focused. The interactions and friendship between Gohan and Trunks were great, with a very Batman-Robin vibe (Dick Grayson-Damion Wayne). The androids are presented perfectly as two simply uncaring forces. Literally two teenagers with too much power and no empathy. There’s no winning in this movie, only surviving. Each of the fights in the movie mean something, with the last fight in particular being notably heartbreaking. All in all, and excellent story of loss, struggle, and sacrifice.

Cons: I prepared this time. For one, time travel. Always an iffy solution to a problem. Second, I’ve always wondered why Bulma, a mechanical genius, never figured out a way to either deactivate the Androids, or simply make her own good Androids. She can make a time machine, but can’t make an Anti-Terminator. And sadly, some fans have always resented the fact that Teen Gohan never reached the badass levels of Future Gohan. He’s sorta like John Connor this that respect.

Top 10 DBZ Films?: Yes

Hero: Future Tunks


The Last Saiyan

Best Moment: Gohan literally fighting the Androids single-handely (and holding his own for a while!)

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Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: steep decline


Synopsis: vs. the King of the Space Pirates!

Pros: Now, this is considered as one of the worst Dragon Ball Z movie. Its not the worst DBZ movie, but it’s on the bottom tier. It starts off with a pretty cool World Tournament that was suppose to parlay into an intergalactic tournament. I thought this had potential and would have liked to what that would have looked like. But instead, about halfway through, it turns into a fight with these Space Pirate guys that are suppose to be super dangerous, but just look silly. It is cool that Gohan is the main protagonist in this one, technically being the strongest fighter at this time, but he still needs his dad’s help, because we are all useless without Goku.

Cons: Bojack and his crew of pirates are not interesting. Their sorta just pirates to be pirates. I was much more interested in the Tournament aspect. What if, instead of space pirates, the final fight could have been something cool, like Trunks vs. Gohan, or Vegeta vs. Gohan. Something more connected to the story overall. But as it stands, this film is pretty skippable.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No

Villain: Bojack



Best Moment: Krillin vs. Piccolo (or lackthereof)

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Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: 80 minutes!


Synopsis: vs. Everyone’s Fan Art

Pros: For the first time, a Dragon Ball Z movie is actually movie length!! The Broly movie is considered the best Dragon Ball Z movie. I can’t really say that much until I’ve seen them all, but this is pretty good. The premise is that at Saiyan approaches Vegeta with a new Planet and Kingdom, to which Vegeta immediately accepts without question, as part of a plan to have his ultra powerful son Broly kill him. In hindsight, this is the best Vegeta in any movie. He’s Saiyan upbriging shines awesomely. Goku is also in a suit, which is pretty great. It turns out that Broly is insane and soon runs a mock. Broly is a very straightforward villain, evil, violent, and with a good design. Seriously, Broly is the guy everyone created when they tried to draw a super saiyan, whether they knew it or not. This is probably why he’s so popular among the fan base.

Cons: Personally, I think Broly is overhyped. He’s a good character, but he’s not amazing or anything. I’m also a bit troubled with the title “Legendary Super Saiyan” In the movie, Broly’s incredible power makes Vegeta proclaim him as the Super Saiyan of legend, which longtime fans will know is suppose to be Goku. That was one of the lynch pins of the Namek Saga. But that’s about it. Unlike other movies, this had a plot, an enjoyable story, and a kick-ass fight.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: Yes.

Villain: Broly


He’s angry at Goku because he cried as a baby. That’s his motivation.

Best Moment: Vegeta’s spirit being broken (Possibly the best acting from Vegeta ever)

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