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A Certain Magical Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Type: Cannon Movie Sequel


Synopsis: Arisa lives in a world where things like Magicians and Espers really exist. She has no particular talent except signing and the ability to make the two protagonists her friends. Unfortunately she has also attracted the attention on Church approved magicians who keep trying to kidnap her without trying to explain why, which would have made the whole process much easier. It’s almost like story convenience was put ahead of basic logic.

Pros: The one most interesting thing about this movie is that it occurs after the events of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. So this movie basically has two sets of characters interacting with the same plot. I found this fascinating. Story wise, the movie does what every anime movie based on a show does by revolving the story around one new character. Arisa is a cute (and literally radiant) singer who catchers Touma and Index’s attention. It later turns out she is part on some overarching plot to blow up the Earth…or something. Arisa of course falls for Touma a little, but its not really important. The other new character of note is Shutaura, Arisa’s secret bodyguard with tragic ties to the “Miracle of 88,” one of the central events to the movie plot. I found her way more interesting that Arisa, and luckily, she becomes a major plays later on in the film.

Cons: I kinda got lost towards the latter half of the story. I know they went to space and the bad guy wanted to blow up something. To be honest, I’m still not sure what the bad guy’s ultimate goal was. Or what the Miracle of Endymion was. I know it involved nudity…On a more objective note, I feel that a lot of characters were crammed in for no real reason. Since the “A Certain” franchise has produced two successful anime shows, they have a variety of characters to showcase. However, this couldn’t always be done organically, so there are a few times when characters feel forced in (cough Accelerator cough). It gets even worse if you haven’t watched both shows. I should also note that Arisa is a singer, so if your not a fan of pop concerts in your anime movie, your out of luck.

Watch it: The Author Wrote this Story, if you’re into that sort of thing

MVP: Shutaura


Half of this is her story

Best Moment: The Fountain Fight (Awesome fight scenes)

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A Certain Magical Index I & II

Type: Religion vs. Science

Synopsis: Touma lives in a world where things like Magicians and Espers (psychics with superpowers) really exist. Both sides seem to really hate each other, so its sorta like the anime version of the Scopes Trial. Unfortunately for Touma, his ability to cancel any power plus his friendship with a cute magic library, a cute electric girl, her clones, and frankly a whole bunch of people, puts him smack dab in the middle of it.

Pros: The show’s real strength is its effective use of its huge cast. It does that thing that action anime does in introducing new characters regularly. But these characters reappear later on in a manner that feels organic.Even the protagonist is likable. Touma isn’t all powerful, but his analytic and deductive reasoning makes him a surprisingly competent hero. The fight scenes are also fun to watch, a crucial element in action anime. The show is organized by story arcs, some exploring different aspects of the world, or building on previous arcs. It manages to pull you into its world of magic and superpowers rather effectively.

Cons: Even though the arcs vary in story elements, they usually boil down to Touma punching the bad guy. Speaking of Touma, his fights tend to get repetitive. All his power is in his right hand, so he logically favors his right hand, but he does it to such an extreme that it makes his fighting style seem awkward. He also tends to make speeches during his fights, which can best be summarized as “Screw you, you’re Outlook on Life sucks!” There’s also that bit about him losing his memories that didn’t really seem all that necessary. Also, while neither the science or religious side are idealized, the Catholic Church is the most common antagonist, so….yeah.

Watch it?: Yeah. Its fun and should keep you entertained for a while. (3/5)

MVP: Misaka Sisters

“I know right?” He said with some surprise.

Best Episode: Ep. 17-18 “Penalty Game” & “Serial Number” (very fun)

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