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Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Type: Mace “Motherfukin'” Windu, Resurrection


Synopsis: After becoming the baddest man on the planet, the Afro Samurai decides to take some down time by wallowing in his own sadness. Then his best friend, robot Teddy Bear man, sucker-punches him and steals his favorite headband. This is all according to the plan of his younger sister, Lucy Liu, who also plans on reviving Afro’s dad just to mess with him. It’s hard out there for an Afro Samurai.

Pros: If you liked Afro Samurai, you’ll love Afro Samurai: Resurrection. The action, animation, and soundtrack remain excellent. If someone were to rank the top anime in the “stylized action” sub-genre, Afro Samurai would be right up there with stuff like Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop. You will never feel bored watching this.

Cons: If you didn’t like Afro Samurai, you’re not ganna love Afro Samurai: Resurrection. Once again, the actual story in the anime is it’s weakest link. You won’t really care about the story or it’s characters, you just want to see Afro fight dudes. The absence of Ninja Ninja also hurt the film, as he was the main source of comic relief.

Watch it?: Did I mention this was the fist anime to ever win an Emmy?

MVP: Rokutaro


O.G. Samurai

Best Moment: The Bridge Scene

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Afro Samurai

Type: Mace “Motherfuckin'” Windu


Synopsis: In a nutshell, everyone wants to be the #1 badass, but only the #2 badsass can challenge him or her, but everyone else is allowed to challenged #2. This is all symbolized with headbands, because of course it is. The current holder of the #2 Headband is the “Afro Samurai,” a nameless warrior hell bent on killing the owner of the #1 headband, who just happens to have killed his father. Now, all this pales in comparison to the fact that Samuel L. Jackson does the voices for Afro. That’s right, fuckin’ Nick Fury is in an anime!

Pros: The anime is very visually stylized, in that “let’s trade series length for the animation budget” kinda way. The hip-hop soundtrack was great, and helps this anime appeal to western audiences. The action is of course top notch, and the real strength of the show. The story, on the other hand, is a simple revenge story, though the #1 and #2 headband system was very intriguing. Short but sweet, anyone looking for a action packed samurai tale should really look up Afro Samurai.

Cons: Again, the actual story is kinda weak, and goes by very fast. We’re really only catching the tail end of Afro’s journey for revenge. I know not everyone likes them, but I feel one or two more flashbacks into Afro’s past would have rounded out the character more. Then again, maybe his silence says it all.

Watch it?: Did I mention it had Sam Jackson in it, with a soundtrack from RZA and The Wu-Tang Clan? (5/5) 

MVP: Ninja Ninja


This would not have worked without Ninja Ninja

Best Episode: Ep. 3 The Empty Seven Clan (Mecha-Afro!)

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