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Koro-Sensei Q

Type: From the makers of Dragon Quest (not really)

Synopsis: Did you know that Dragon Quest was originally known as “Dragon Warrior” in America? It wasn’t officially called it’s original name until Dragon Quest 8 in 2004. Speaking of that, did you also know that Nintendo released a version of DQ8 for the Nintendo 3DS? I head it has a few new features, and it’s a great way to experience the game if you didn’t get to it back in the day. Definitely one of the best entries in the series. YES, even better than Dragon Quest 5 and 7….oh right! The review. The anime is Assassination Classroom if it was a comedic RPG.

Pros: As stated before, I have a soft spot in my heart for comedic anime spin-off parodies. And this one was no different. The premise is exactly as stated before: Assassination Classroom if it was a comedic RPG. It’s Assassination Classroom without any of the drama. Aside from the setting and tone, everything else is the same. Koro-Sensei still “teaches” the misfits of Class-E under the idea that they will one day kills him. Only instead of being an alien, he’s a Demon King. Karasuma is a knight instead of a government agent, and Irina is a seductive witch instead of a seductive assassin. The show itself is fairly short, 10 minutes, with interstitial to break up the scenes.  Fans of the original series, or RPG spoofs, will get a kick out of it.

Cons: Like most parodies, viewers will need a passing familiarity with the original source materials to get the full experience. The jokes are mostly funny, although I do feel the rely more and more on boob jokes as the series goes on. Two characters get more of a spotlight this time around: Okajima and Ristu. Okajima’s lewdness is played more for laughs, and Ritsu is allowed to be more comedic this time around instead of cutesy. And, yeah, that’s about it.

Watch it?: It’s pretty solid overall. Funny and quick. (4/5)

MVP: Ritsu

If you ever have a question about continuity, a wizard did it.

Best Episode: Too short to really pick (but ep8 was a freaky friday riff!)

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Assassination Classroom

Type: No one dies today


Synopsis: Despite the name, no actual assassination takes place. The gist is that a weird yellow tentacles monster threatens to destroy the world in six months. But being a sporting man, he gives the planet a chance if he is allowed to teach a group of middle school losers how to kill him/pass their algebra tests. Surprisingly, he becomes the best teacher the kids ever had, even though their ultimate goal is to kill him and collect the bounty on his head. Ah, middle school…

Pros: The premise of the story is pretty great. A story about a classroom full of middle school aged assassins is brilliant! Their target, Koro-Sensei (a play on the Japanese word for unkillable), is no slouch either. Much of the humor comes from his overwhelming speed and weird abilities and pop-up every know and then. His ability to multitask is truly something to behold. The best parts are when he is able to incorporate his freaky abilities into his teaching. It was also fun when the students noted Koro-Sensei’s weird habits in an attempt to kill him. The best part of the story is when it highlights the premise of the story itself.

Cons: The main premise is great, but it unfortunately gets bogged down by unnecessary detail and plot elements. First off is the inclusion of two other teachers, Karasuma and Irina, who don’t really do much other than give Kuro-Sensei other adults to bounce comments off. Their also the inclusion of “mysterious” antagonists that hint at Kuro-Sensei’s past, but again, they were unnecessary. The anime is better when it just focused on Kuro-Sensei and 3-E’s relationship with each other and the school at large. Since this anime is about a teacher and student, you will get sugar coated messaged about believing in students and helping them grow, which sadly makes the show mildly generic. Its like Stand and Deliver, but with killing. Speaking of which, the show doesn’t really have a “main character,” as it were. The character Nagisa acts more like a narrator than lead, and the only other characters that get as much attention are Ritsu and Terasaka. The show is an ensemble, meaning that many of the students get superficial spotlights.

Watch it?: Yeah, but feel free to skip parts you don’t like (3/5)

MVP: Kuro-Sensei


Tentacle monster, the true hero of Anime

Best Episode: Ep.1 “Assassination Time” (Let’s Kill Teacher!)

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