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Azumanga Daioh

Type: Girls going to school


Synopsis: What happens when an air head, a girl with ADD, her best friend, an athlete, a secret cat lover, and a child prodigy are put into the same class? The answer: Hilarity.

Pros: This show is a pretty pure comedy. Its basically a string of short skits tied together. Each member of the main cast can carry their own stories  (my favorite was Yukari-Sensei). The highest praise I can give this show is that its good enough to be broadcast worthy. Given a few minor tweaks, and I could imagine watching this on Saturday Mornings. It was refreshing to watch a show that relied on things besides fan service and dirty jokes.

Cons: This show has no plot. Its just a show about a few students in the same high school class. So you won’t burn through each episode as much as wade through it.

Watch it?: If your a fan of quality, then your a fan of this. (4/5)

MVP: Yukari Tanizaki


Immature, Selfish, Impulsive (Basically the Perfect Teacher)

Best Episode: Ep.14 “Shopping / Gathering / Sea! / Capturing Strategy / Adult’s World” (the last scene….priceless)

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