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Blood-C: The Last Dark

Type: Yet another scam


Synopsis: Ok, so after a few hours of research I think I got the gist of this series. Saya is some sort of demon that can’t kill humans because of a curse. A man named Fumito captures her and makes a wager. He bets that without her memories, she will become a different person. If he wins, he promises to figure out a way to let her kill humans. That’s the premise of the anime series. In this one, Saya goes to the city and does stuff with computer nerds or whatever. We also learn that Fumito is actually obsessed with Saya. Still not sure about the talking dog though.

Pros: This movie clear up a few things about the original series, mainly Fumito and Saya’s relationship. Though nothing is ever stated outright, we can infer that the two had some sort of relationship that possibly dates back decades. Saya can’t kill humans and must feed on demons, but the demon population is dwindling. Fuhito’s family had made a  magical deal with demons to cut down on the human eating, which reduced their population over the years. Saya’s blood, however, can somehow break the deal. So most of the series events were Fuhito’s misguided attempts to ensure her future survival by making more demons. At least, I think. Aside from that, the fights are pretty good, and I like Saya’s new cold and serious personal.

Cons: Even though this movie does clear up a few things, the fact that I had to look it up is a bad thing. A lot of questions and topics are left unanswered (like what’s the deal with Saya’s red eyes?). It almost feels that the creators just assume that the franchise is going to produce more entries and are holding off given too much information. Don’t get me wrong, I like Saya, but franchises come and go, especially in anime. Blood-C just doesn’t have enough substance yet to truly become great. Had this been the last few episodes of the tv series, sure, but since this is a movie, it does little in hindsight. I also miss her much cooler red and black uniform.

Watch it?: If your going to watch it, do it immediately after Blood-C

MVP: Saya


She’s way more bad-ass now

Best Moment: Fuhito vaguely explaining his motives

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Type: It’s all a big scam!


Synopsis: So this is one of those shows were the twist makes it a lot more interesting in hindsight. Saya, a half-demon (I think, they don’t really make it clear), is captured an put in a slice-of-life Truman Show that happens to have man-eating demons. So Soya and the audience is tricked into thinking she’s just a normal small town girl who kills demons at night, until halfway through the show, when shit goes crazy!

Pros: Right off the bat, the fight scenes are the strongest aspect of the show. Go look these up if you can. Saya is a bad-ass, and the demons she fought were pretty cool. In addition, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really liked Saya’s school uniform. I normally don’t notice clothes designs, but the red and black really stood out. On that note, I also liked the contrast between the shojo-like character designs (pale skins, long limbs, stylish hair) and the show’s bloody core. It worked nicely with the plot of the show.

Cons: If you’re not a fan of gore, then you are not a fan of this. It’s called “Blood-C” for a reason. Even my censored version viewing was a bit much. The early episodes of Blood-C are kinda slow, because the first half is dedicated to showing Saya’s school life, and the second to her monster of the week. It’s not until episode 6, when her friends start getting attacked, that that show really gets into high gear. It has a slow manga-esque beginning, which doesn’t really work for an anime with only twelve episodes. As stated above, this is the kind of show that get way more fun to watch if you know the big twist before hand, because you can see how exactly Saya is being tricked. I feel that the show would have been elevated if the events of the entire series had been condensed into eight episodes, with the rest dedicated to the aftermath instead of separating that part into a movie. I really would have liked to spend more time with the “real” Saya.  Also, there’s a talking dog in this and I’m still unclear as to why.

Watch it?: It’s a mess, but its a mess with potential (4/5)

MVP: The Character Design


These people look way too cool for this type of show

Best Episode: Ep.11 “Whom Then are There Now” (The cake is a lie!)

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