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Blue Exorcist: The Movie

Type: Two demons and a baby


Synopsis: Possible anti-christ Rin Okumura botches what was supposed to be a simple exorcism and wound up with a kid. Let that be a lesson for you kids, consider the consequences of your demon slaying urges.

Pros: My god, did you see those backgrounds!? They. are. beautiful. Plot wise, the movie hits all the typical anime-based-on-a-manga-anime film points. It starts with a action scene to show off the budget, then partners the main character with a new film-only character. They bond, but then something happens and the protagonist is forced to reaffirm his affection for┬áthe new person. Then the new character sacrifices themselves to return the favor, and everything goes back to the status quo. One the plus side, this did give us an excuse to explore more of the city around True Cross Academy, which we don’t get to do in the anime.

Cons: Again, very generic manga-anime film plot. The level of animation is a given, but the actual action is very front loaded, while the middle focuses more on establishing the bond between Rin and the bunny demon Usamaro. Usamaro is cute enough, but he’s the typical anime toddler. So I guess the biggest crime that the Blue Exorcist Movie commits is unoriginality.

Watch it?: The Background kinda make it worth it.

MVP: The Backgrounds


Seriously, whoever designed them should get more work

Best Moment: When Rin wakes up and we get to see the newly animated city (pretty as hell)

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