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Blue Exorcist: The Movie

Type: Two demons and a baby


Synopsis: Possible anti-christ Rin Okumura botches what was supposed to be a simple exorcism and wound up with a kid. Let that be a lesson for you kids, consider the consequences of your demon slaying urges.

Pros: My god, did you see those backgrounds!? They. are. beautiful. Plot wise, the movie hits all the typical anime-based-on-a-manga-anime film points. It starts with a action scene to show off the budget, then partners the main character with a new film-only character. They bond, but then something happens and the protagonist is forced to reaffirm his affection for the new person. Then the new character sacrifices themselves to return the favor, and everything goes back to the status quo. One the plus side, this did give us an excuse to explore more of the city around True Cross Academy, which we don’t get to do in the anime.

Cons: Again, very generic manga-anime film plot. The level of animation is a given, but the actual action is very front loaded, while the middle focuses more on establishing the bond between Rin and the bunny demon Usamaro. Usamaro is cute enough, but he’s the typical anime toddler. So I guess the biggest crime that the Blue Exorcist Movie commits is unoriginality.

Watch it?: The Background kinda make it worth it.

MVP: The Backgrounds


Seriously, whoever designed them should get more work

Best Moment: When Rin wakes up and we get to see the newly animated city (pretty as hell)

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Blue Exorcist

Type: Damien ain’t go nothin’ on this


Synopsis: My children, the Devil walks among us! Or should I say, his kid does. His name is Rin. Good guy. His goal in life is to kill Satan and avenge the death of his adoptive dad. Their was a custody battle involving blue flames and such, you know how these things go. But the only way to kill a demon is to become an exorcist, so Rin resolves to become the strongest exorcist alive, believe it!

Pros: In some aspects, the show surprisingly goes against shoen expectations. When your introduced to Rin in the show, you expect him to be an angsty teenager with a chip on his shoulder, like so many half-demon protagonists (Inuyasha, I’m looking at you). But by the third episode, Rin turns out to be a pretty positive and kinda ditzy dude. He’s kinda the male version of Sailor Moon. Not really arrogant, more empathetic than you’d think, and a little dumb. I point out ep.3 because the first two episodes are just Rin’s origin story, while the actual setting and premise are at the True Cross Academy. The world of Blue Exorcist is interesting, and I found the division of exorcist battle styles intriguing. In fact, the school elements where the most enjoyable. I liked Rin’s interactions with his crew of exorcists-in-training, and the instances where they had to work together were often my favorite parts.

Cons: I’d say that the worst parts of the show are when it dips into shoen stereotypes, or when it deviates from the manga. I’ve never read the manga, but you can tell which episodes and plot points are filler. In fact, the entire last section seems like the show was told midway that it wasn’t getting another season, so they decided to make their own ending. I fell that this show should have been 13 episodes, not 25. In terms of stereotypes, you have the big bobbed badass, the one teacher that’s actually a bad guy, mild sibling rivalry, and the love interest that’s all lollipops and rainbows. These aspects of the show really drag it down. I’m also not sure whether I should like or dislike Yukio. He seems like a tool, but I tend to give him a chance because Rin likes him. Same with Mephisto. Is he good? evil? chaotic neutral??

Watch it?: If you really want to know that the show’s about, skip to episode 3 (3/5)

MVP: Rin


Who new the spawn of evil would be such a cool dude?

Best Episode: Ep.9 “Now a Certain Man Was Sick…” ( a good showcase of characters)

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