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Dragon Ball Z: Broly-Second Coming [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: Ghost Goku!


Synopsis: vs. Everyone’s Fan Art, Again

Pros: So this movie was clearly just another excuse to use Broly again, most likely because he proved to be more popular. It’s set during the Buu Saga, so he get a Teenage Gohan, his girlfriend Videl, his little brother Goteks, and little Trunks. Now, I do like Teenage Gohan and Videl, with Videl getting most of the story and even getting a few hits in on Broly. Videl’s pretty cool, and more should have been done with her (like, in the entire Franchise). I like the match-up between Gohan and Broly, since both characters are described as having unlimited potential. I just wish that Gohan had beaten him without his dad’s help.

Cons: Once again, we get a story where the bad guy cannot be defeated without Goku’s help! Even if Goku is dead!! This leaves Gohan, once again, as the ultimate unfufilled promise. We get all these references of this kid supposedly being incredibly powerful, but when it comes down to it, he’s still behind Goku. That just really irks me. Most of the story involves Videl, Trunk’s, and Gotek’s search for the Dragon Balls. And if you don’t like bratty kids who literally pee on your favorite bad guy, you might want to steer clear. I mean, I thought it was funny, but fans of Broly might see it as very symbolic on what the writers think of him.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: No

Villain: Broly


In it for the paycheck

Best Moment: Trunk’s peeing on Broly (the more I think about it, the funnier it is)

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Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan [DBZ Movie Month]

Type: 80 minutes!


Synopsis: vs. Everyone’s Fan Art

Pros: For the first time, a Dragon Ball Z movie is actually movie length!! The Broly movie is considered the best Dragon Ball Z movie. I can’t really say that much until I’ve seen them all, but this is pretty good. The premise is that at Saiyan approaches Vegeta with a new Planet and Kingdom, to which Vegeta immediately accepts without question, as part of a plan to have his ultra powerful son Broly kill him. In hindsight, this is the best Vegeta in any movie. He’s Saiyan upbriging shines awesomely. Goku is also in a suit, which is pretty great. It turns out that Broly is insane and soon runs a mock. Broly is a very straightforward villain, evil, violent, and with a good design. Seriously, Broly is the guy everyone created when they tried to draw a super saiyan, whether they knew it or not. This is probably why he’s so popular among the fan base.

Cons: Personally, I think Broly is overhyped. He’s a good character, but he’s not amazing or anything. I’m also a bit troubled with the title “Legendary Super Saiyan” In the movie, Broly’s incredible power makes Vegeta proclaim him as the Super Saiyan of legend, which longtime fans will know is suppose to be Goku. That was one of the lynch pins of the Namek Saga. But that’s about it. Unlike other movies, this had a plot, an enjoyable story, and a kick-ass fight.

Top 10 DBZ Movies?: Yes.

Villain: Broly


He’s angry at Goku because he cried as a baby. That’s his motivation.

Best Moment: Vegeta’s spirit being broken (Possibly the best acting from Vegeta ever)

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