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Type: The best Avatar season…wait a minute.


Synopsis: A long time ago, a women with wings helped humanity. In gratitude, humanity did what they usually do and killed them all off. Only one bloodline survived, kept alive by love and friendship and all that jazz. However, by “kept alive,” I mean that girls with wings are born every so often and fated to die young and alone. That’s not an exaggeration. Monks cursed the last winged females to get sicker and sicker whenever they make friends. Yet another example of the Patriarchy keeping Chicks down.

Pros: Air has the same director and studio as one of my personal favorite animes, Clannad: After Story. Air was actually made before, and you can see that a lot of the beats and emotional highs used in this carried on in Clannad. Its not quite as sad, but it does pull at the heartstrings. This anime is surprisingly efficient with its plot-episode number ratio. It basically had three story arcs and an origin story it needed to cover in 12 episodes. In the beginning, every character is introduced, and its take 4 episodes for the real stories to begin. I liked this, because it set up the premise of each heroine right away simultaneously, while other animes have the main character meet and solve one girl’s problem, then move on the next one in an inorganic matter. I also really loved the story in Feudal Japan, to a surprising degree.

Cons: While I did like the way it started, the beginning of Air is a little slow. The story isn’t specified right away either. Basically, the main character Yukito is the latest in his family to search for the “girl in the sky,” which is explained in the Feudal Japan story. In a beach town he meets three girls that might be who he’s looking for: Kano, Minagi, and Misuzu. Kano’s story line is the first and the weakest. It has to do with her being haunted by a past life, which also took place in Feudal Japan and thus clashes with Misuzu’s story line (obvious spoilers: she’s the girl with wings!). Minagi’s story is the shortest, but also incredibly sweet. Misuzu, as the main heroine, gets the most time, and surprisingly has more to do with her relationship with her mother than with Yukito (a lot of the anime has to do with mothers). The animation style is a bit older than modern fans might like and the ending is…alright, but it does have at least one happy ending.

Watch it?: It sucks you in. (4/5)

MVP: Uraha


The real hero of the story

Best Episode: Ep. 8-9, “Summer,” “Moon” (you got me again Ishihara!)

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Type: High School anime about High School

Synopsis: Story revolves around Tomoya and Nagisa, two star crossed lovers obviously destined for a good time. They meet one day while on their way to school, one thing leads to another, and they decide to focus their raging teenage hormones on making a play. They recruit a bunch of other people (by which I mean 3), and put on the best damn rendition of “Let’s resolve family issues in front of an audience of strangers” they can!

Pros: Emotionality. O.k, I know that’s not a word, but hear me out. Clannad is a slice of life anime more than anything else. It has some comedy (some pretty funny comedy), but its mainly a drama that’s supposed to illicit an emotional reaction from the audience. It’s trying very hard to make you cry. Each character has their own deal. But they also have their own quirks (hence the funny and sad). No character is perfect, which is a nice change of pace. Tomoya is a nice protagonist, but will not forgive his father. Nagisa is sweet, but has a serious confidence issue. You fall in love with the characters, specifically the leads. Their “romance” evolves over time, and isn’t as pushed as in other anime’s.

Cons: While their are a lot of emotional moments that can happen in real life, the show has a very prime time soap opera feeling to it. The plots aren’t silly, just exaggerated. One character is haunted by the memories of her first boyfriend who turns out to be a cat. But another character just has dad issue. You can tell that this show came from a visual novel because it spends a lot of time trying to show how each of the female character’s are possible matches for Tomoya. What I’m trying to say is that Clannad is not as strong as its sequel, After Story, but it is needed to get the full effect of the overall story.

Watch it?: Yes, especially if you want to watch Clannad: After Story. (4/5)

MVP: Fuko Ibuki

Will You Be My Friend?

Best Episode: Ep. 9 “Until The End Of The Dream” (Goddamn Fuko-chan…sob)

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