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Corpse Princess: Kuro

Type: Finally Getting to the Point


Synopsis: The dead continue to walk among us in the shortest skirts imaginable, but you get use to it. With his older brother dead, protagonist Ouri has finally started to put on his big boy pants by joining the secret Buddhist cult that got his brother killed. At least he’ll finally gets that super hot zombie girl partner, that is to say, if he can prove he’s man enough to earn her respect/not-disgust. There’s also a bad guy with balloon powers. He’s not important, I just wanted to point that out.

Pros: The second part of Corpse Princess alleviated almost every problem that I had with the first part. It focused more on the inner workings of the Kougun Sect, the secret Buddhist cult that makes the Corpse Princesses. It also builds the relationship between Ouri and Corpse Princess Makina into a believable one by using the memory of Kensei (Ouri’s brother and Makin’s former partner) as the major obstacle but ultimate bridge between them. Kensei’s death keeps the duo apart for half the season, largely because of Makina’s loyalty/love for Kensei. ¬†This was the one time that the show’s use of slow plot progression was actually beneficial to the whole story overall. This second part also had better villains and an overall better story arc, which delved into the true nature of Corpse Princesses and Ouri’s personal history. I wish the whole series had been more Kuro and less Aka.

Cons: As stated above, I really wish the the first season of Corpse Princess had been condensed into six episodes, and that the remaining episodes had been used to explore Ouri’s time as a monk. Parts of Aka felt so slow in constrast to Kuro, which seems to go too fast. While Kurodid a good job at maturing Ouri and forging a bond between him and Makina, we’re only getting a look at the beginning of their relationship. It would have been better if more time was spend exploring their paring in contrast to other priests/corpse princesses instead of focusing so much time on the pre-Kensei death timeline. As it stands, the whole series is left with pacing issues and a somewhat stunted ending.

Watch it?: Better than the first part. (3/5)

MVP: Toya


Balloons. No really, balloons.

Best Episode: Ep.9¬†“The Value of the Living” (zombie cat suit)

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