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The Circumstances in My Home’s Bathtub

Type: or “Orechi no Furo Jiro”


Synopsis: A young man invites a merman to live in his bathtub, and hilarity ensues.

Pros: This anime is very short. It’s one of those 3-minute episode deals. The appeal is having very cute boys be cute to one another in comedic fashion. Wakasa, the merman, is the source of comedy, being the child like blonde one in the show. His ignorance of the surface world will lead to things like using too much hot water, or learning not to eat too much expensive food, etc. He also has a myriad of equally cute male friends who are also various aquatic life forms that come over from time to time. Though, I also find it funny that Tatsumi, the human, is vaguely designed like a cat and brought a bunch of fish home. It has the save vibe as shows like Hetalia, only located entirely in a washroom.

Cons: There’s a little sister character that is in romatic love with her brother. Not a fan. The intro does not match the tone of the show at all, suffering from the same thing the Free intro did. Apart from that, its a great little anime.

Watch it?: It’s so short, why not? (4/5)

MVP: Wakasa


Ariel eat your heart out

Best Episode: Short anime rule (so all of them)

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Free! Eternal Summer

Type: Deceitful Title


Synopsis: First off all, the Summer is, in fact, not Eternal. It is a four month period in which the distance between the Earth and Sun is the shortest. It’s also not true in the show, because the season’s theme is about the transition into adulthood, using the end of Summer as a metaphor. Also, a lot a cute boys that for sure make out with each other.

Pros: So this section is going to be shorter than usual, because this season doesn’t really add anything to the franchise, besides an ending. If you liked the Free! franchise for it’s use of handsome boys, muscles, and homoerotic undertones, then you’ll feel right at home. But if you liked Free! for it’s story, or its melodrama, then this season might be a little disappointing.

Cons: One of the reasons I liked the first season of Free! was for the backstory involving Rin and Haruka, as well as the assembly of the Iwatobi Swim Club. It was a classic sports anime. You had your rival character that used to be part of the team, you had your weird MVP, you had your rookie, you had your gay subtext. Beat for beat, it was great. This season doesn’t really have that. There’s nothing really at stake this season. No big competition to win, no friend to win over. The show implies early on that the new big bad is Rin’s friend Sousuke, but nothing really comes of it. He just tells Haru to stop hanging around his totally not boyfriend, and then complain about his shoulder. Every character introduced this season amount to nothing, and the side characters from last season don’t do anything! What’s up with Momo? Do he and Rin’s sister ever hook up? What was Rin’s sister doing anyway? Or their teacher? Or their Swim Coach? The real theme this season is the more vague “end of childhood.” Haru and Makoto are graduating this season, and have to decide what to do. Again, this happens more or less as a subplot. Overall, it’s a disappointing season.

Watch it?: Stick to Season 1 (3/5)

MVP: Momotaro Mikoshiba


I’ve been told he’s adorable

Best Episode: Ep.13 “The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!” (that one scene. Good job.)

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Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Type: Boys of Swimming


Synopsis: A group of quite frankly RIPPED high school boys decide to restart their school’s swimming team. They mainly do this to reconnect with their old friend Rin…who goes to another school…and seemingly hates their guts now. They get Rin’s boy crazy sister to be their manager, their homeroom teacher and former swimsuit model to be their faculty sponsor, and the pizza man to be their coach. Plus, their all based on animals. Plus, plus, I’m pretty sure their this close to making out with each other.

Pros: Did I mentioned that these boys are RIPPED. Seriously, the got that weird V thing on their hips. What is that V thing? It is the top of your hip bones? Is it like a secret muscle only beautiful people know about? Ah, anyway, the show has stellar animation and pretty funny moments. It’s not an outright comedy, just about 85% of it. My favorite gags were Gou’s fangirling over the boy’s muscles, and Miho’s desperate attempts to hide her modeling past. The rest is melodrama, which mostly consists of slightly hurt feelings, but in that “I feel bad because I think I made someone else feel bad” way. Empathetic guilt. Not overwhelming, but predictable.

Cons: The opening is misleading. If it was meant as a joke, it definitely overstayed its welcome. Also, not a fan of Rin. He was way too whiny, even when he won. He’s also very weird looking. Every character is based on an animal and Rin is based on a shark. That’s cool, until you notice that Rin’s teeth are all pointy, so whenever he has a sad moment, he looks just plain silly. And he cares about swimming way too much. This is technically a sports anime, so that type of character is to be expected, but still. No one in Umisho got that crazy.

Watch it?: Sadly, no one makes out in this…yet (4/5)

MVP: Rei Ryūgazaki


Should have totally been a Swan, not a butterfly

Best Episode: Ep.4 “Captive Butterfly!” (I also only know butterfly)

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Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

Type: It needs a shorter name


Synopsis: Fighting evil by moonlight! Winning love by daylight! Never running from a real fight! They are the ones called Sailor…wait, wait, that’s not right. First off all, the Cute High Earth Defense Club, or “Battle Lovers” for short, never fight at night. They do do a lot of winning with love. As for never running from a real fight, well, that’s technically true, but does fighting a noodle-man count are real fighting? And one of the central stories involves someone turning their back on a friends, and “defense” is in their name, but I wouldn’t consider them really dependable.

Pros: So as you can tell, Cute High Earth Defense Club is a magical boy anime. Its about 5 high school boys living in this possibly post-apocalyptic world where no women exist. Like, at all. They’re chosen by this space wombat to protect world with the power of love. The show is full with a lot of cute boys of every preference, from the lovable blonde to the guy with luxurious pink hair. The homoerotic undertones are yours for the taking. It’s a comedy, and the boys do in fact comment on the weird turn their lives have made, as well as keep the dead body of their faculty adviser around. The show follows a monster of the week format, which is defeated the exact same way every time.

Cons: The show is formulaic, not particularly exciting, and the overarching plot isn’t that original. Good sailor boys vs bad sailor boys. My real gripe with the show is with the Battle Lover uniforms. I’m not really sure what they’re suppose to be. Their this puffy, short short get-up with ribbons. They look downright silly. Their rivals, the conquest club, had a much better uniform that looked military style. This was probably a reference to Sailor Moon or something, but it didn’t really land for me. This may sound kinda weird for an obviously female-driven audience, but I hope they butch up the uniforms a little for season 2. (Why not make them dress up in tuxedos?)

Watch it?: A solid parody show (3/5)

MVP: Akoya Gero


Look at this guys hair…just look at it…

Best Episode: Ep.11 “The Trial Called Love” (the fated battle!)


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Type: Cute U.N.


Synopsis: Imagine if all the world’s events, from the mundane to horrific, were caused by emotionally volatile anime characters that doubled as actual nations. Now imagine that these nation-characters are adorable!

Pros: Hetalia is a multiple series franchise with over 40 characters, but each episode is only about 5 minutes long (less if you count the credits), so it’s not as daunting as it appears. Truthfully, this short run time may be just what the doctor ordered if you’re aching to scratch that anime itch, but are too busy to watch an anime proper. Each of the characters are one-dimensional, which works perfectly for this comedy series. It was always a treat to be introduced to new countries, mostly because I was interested to see how different countries are viewed from a Japanese perspective (because even jokes have grains of truth).

Cons: I wish there were more countries. No, let me rephrase that. I wish there were a wider variety of countries. Most the characters are European Nations, with the exception of America, China, Japan, Cuba, and Canada. Granted, modern history tends to involve Europe a lot, but I would have appreciated a Mexico or Australia cameo. There’s also a distinct lack of female characters.

Watch it?: You could probably watch the entire franchise in a day if you really felt like it (4/5)

MVP: Chibi Italy



Best Episode: All the Chibitalia segments (AWWWWW)


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