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Synopsis: Dateline, Anime America. With Immortal toughs running amok, the passengers of the luxurious Flying Pussyfoot find themselves in quiet the pickle! Who will come out on top? The cry baby crime boss? The evening gowned assassin? The murder happy lunatic? Or America’s answer to Bonny and Clyde!? Be sure not the miss the next installment of- “Better than Durarara in every possible way!” [please read in 1930’s accent]

Pros: Ha! Just kidding. Kinda. But you could see why I made the comparison. Baccanno! and Durarara!! are both anime with huge ensemble casts and loosely linked story lines. The comparison is easy to make, and has most likely inspired some not-so-friendly debates from fans of both shows. Baccanno! takes place during Depression Era America, which is a pretty awesome setting for an anime. A large majority of the cast are 30’s mafia member, and the English cast did a fantastic job capturing tone and sound of the era. Every episode tends to skip around time frames and characters, with the first episodes actually starting at the end of the main story. The most common setting is the Flying Pussyfoot, a train caught in the middle of a gang war. Baccanno!’s other gimmick, and a pretty clever at that considering America’s history with prohibition, is the existence of an elixir of life, which make a few of the characters immortal. You learn whose immortal, or at least who survives, in the first episode. The fun come in finding out how they managed it in a story full of suspense, action, humor, and, dare I say, heart?

Cons: Because the show has such a large cast and skips around time lines, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything. This may make the first few episode a bit difficult to follow. It’s helpful that the show’s opening names each important character, as well as offering a brief summary of the important events so far. The show veers on being excessively violent at times, though this sometimes helps emphasize setting of the gangster filled America 30’s. I also found the main villain of the elixir plot generically evil. Oh! And don’t forget that even though some streaming sites may list this as a 16 episode show, it’s actually only 13. The other 3 were DVD only episodes that serve more as an epilogue/OVA, but are ultimately skippable.

Watch it?: Only if you’re not a big Palooka (5/5)

MVP: Miria and Isaac


Just, just Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Best Episode: Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I end up liking the entire series as a whole (but, maybe Ep.7 for subplot purposes).

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Synopsis: The city, you’ll never find a more wrecked hive of scum and villainy. Like the back alley doctor, or psychotic debt collector, or sociopathic favor man, or multitude of stalkers, or the new kid, or the headless horseman. But if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Pros: Durarara!! is fascinating. It’s a different kind of slice-of-life anime. Whereas most slice-of-life focus on a small group of high school kids, this focuses on a large cast of varying ages. The great part is that not every character know each other, so it’s neat when different pairings are made. Most of the characters that do know each other only interact to the extent of living in the same general area. They’re not ultra friends, but they are acquaintances, which are fairly rare in the friendship centric anime industry. There’s also no real main character, as each character gets a spotlight and often act as supporting or background characters for others. Some story lines even cross one another. The tone is comedic and mild drama, with energetic but short action scenes sprinkled in.

Cons: While each character gets a spotlight, you’ll notice that some plot points repeat. For example, like three of the characters have to deal with stalkers. Others story lines aren’t the greatest either. I didn’t like Anri’s secret backstory, mostly because adding more magic to the show felt like overkill. Celty by herself gave the show that extra twist, adding anther magical element kinda took away from her. I also disliked the Kida’s backstory, and the show never resolves the secret of Celty’s head, but it does have a second season. A season I look forward to seeing.

Watch it?: Definitely worth a watch (5/5)

MPV: Izaya Prihara
A better sh#t stirrer than Loki

Best episode: Ep. 7 “Bad-ass Dude” (is he even human!?)
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