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Free! Eternal Summer

Type: Deceitful Title


Synopsis: First off all, the Summer is, in fact, not Eternal. It is a four month period in which the distance between the Earth and Sun is the shortest. It’s also not true in the show, because the season’s theme is about the transition into adulthood, using the end of Summer as a metaphor. Also, a lot a cute boys that for sure make out with each other.

Pros: So this section is going to be shorter than usual, because this season doesn’t really add anything to the franchise, besides an ending. If you liked the Free! franchise for it’s use of handsome boys, muscles, and homoerotic undertones, then you’ll feel right at home. But if you liked Free! for it’s story, or its melodrama, then this season might be a little disappointing.

Cons: One of the reasons I liked the first season of Free! was for the backstory involving Rin and Haruka, as well as the assembly of the Iwatobi Swim Club. It was a classic sports anime. You had your rival character that used to be part of the team, you had your weird MVP, you had your rookie, you had your gay subtext. Beat for beat, it was great. This season doesn’t really have that. There’s nothing really at stake this season. No big competition to win, no friend to win over. The show implies early on that the new big bad is Rin’s friend Sousuke, but nothing really comes of it. He just tells Haru to stop hanging around his totally not boyfriend, and then complain about his shoulder. Every character introduced this season amount to nothing, and the side characters from last season don’t do anything! What’s up with Momo? Do he and Rin’s sister ever hook up? What was Rin’s sister doing anyway? Or their teacher? Or their Swim Coach? The real theme this season is the more vague “end of childhood.” Haru and Makoto are graduating this season, and have to decide what to do. Again, this happens more or less as a subplot. Overall, it’s a disappointing season.

Watch it?: Stick to Season 1 (3/5)

MVP: Momotaro Mikoshiba


I’ve been told he’s adorable

Best Episode: Ep.13 “The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!” (that one scene. Good job.)

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